Monday, June 13, 2011

Do it before its too late.

Today, I was a little bit slow and tired. Not that I’m not feeling well, but I fasted today. It was actually replacement for those days that I missed fasting in last year's Ramadhan. I still have quite a number of days to do. What about you? Have you replaced yours? If not, better starts now before its too late.

I got up at 4.50am this morning for sahur (early morning breakfast). I normally have light meal for sahur. It was just toast and coffee and imsak was at 5.30am I cannot eat or drink anymore after imsak until the sunset.

Since the iftar (breaking of fast) is at 7.25pm, I left office by 6pm so that I can have my iftar at home. When I reached home, the kids just got home from schools and tuition. Everybody has something to tell me about their first day back to school. Since I was tired, I lie down on the sofa while waiting for iftar.

For iftar, I had a simple meal. It was just a cup of coffee, kurma and curry puff. It was so kind of my husband to bought me the curry puffs; otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything to eat except for the kurma.

Not that, there was no food, but I just don’t feel like eating rice tonight even thought there was ‘lala masak cili api’. Maybe, I go out later when I feel hungry, and when the kids are already in bed. I need to eat something or else I might have problem to fast tomorrow.

It's always take some time to adjust to the fasting no matter how long I have done it. I always felt slow, especially my brain, on the first two days, but once the body adjusted, I would be back to normal. Did I lose any weight when I fast? Yes, but not much. 

Heh! For your info, last year, I didn’t lose any weight at all. I blame it on the varieties of foods that was available for iftar. Talking about varieties of foods, I’m looking forward to the Pasar Ramadan in Bangi. One just need to have the money ready.


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