Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Sick Baby

My Toyota Corolla is really sick. What do I expect from eleven years old car? If I have my way, I will like to trade it, and take a smaller cheaper car, but my hubby loves it very much.

On Saturday, we took it to Toyota Service Center in Balakong. Well the Service Advisor said they need to check what’s wrong with the car. Well, let just said that, it has been leaking here and there.

As my hubby discussed with the Service Advisor, I went to the waiting room, watching the British version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’. To be frank, I never watched this show before; therefore, I was fascinated by all the moves. They are highly talented young men and women.

Not long after that, my hubby joined me, and we ordered coffee from the counter. From our table, we could see what’s going on in the workshop. After waited for more than forty-five minutes, the Service Advisor came. He said besides the steering leaking there are others that leaked too. He further said that we need to leave the car for at least 2 days for them to find out.

I asked my hubby to find how much those going to cost us. He came back, and said it going to cost us another RM7K to repair of those leaks, which RM5K was for steering only. Waa…laaaa…another big chunk of money need to spend on the car.

I told hubby that we should let go the car, but he said, “I’m gonna fix it. I’m going to make it new. Have the body paint done, and it will be good as new.”

He still refused to part with the car, and on Wednesday, the car will go back to the workshop for repair. Meanwhile, he has to figure out how he wants to go to work. He can drive the Golf if he wants to, but definitely I’m not going to part with my Grandis.

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