Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apam Balik and Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik
My along (oldest in the family) came to my house on Sunday. She was on her way back to Seremban and stopped by at my place. I ordered something from her, and she was kind enough to send it to my place. Not only she brought my things; she also brought curry puff, apam balik, kuih keria and keladi goreng for the evening tea. It was hmmmm….sedapnya...

I also made teh tarik, and I brewed my tea first before I mixed it with the condensed milk. All my kids love to drink teh tarik especially if they have it with cream crackers. But the favorite with the kids that afternoon was not the teh tarik, but apam balik. My sister bought two big pieces, and within few minutes, all were gone. They only ate other kuih when the apam balik finished.

They love apam balik very much. On Saturday, my hubby bought three big pieces from our favorite apam balik’s seller in Sg Besi. They finished it too. Everytime they see apam balik, they will want it.

Oh! By the way, the Sg Besi’s apam balik is not only our favorite, but also my office mates favorite too. That shows how popular is the Sg Besi's apam balik!
Apam Balik

Since our current office is far from Sg Besi, it is not easy to get it. Whenever someone go for a meeting in Sg Besi, they will try to get some and bring back to the office. It has to be eaten when it is still hot or warm. Once it is cold, it will not be tasty anymore. Six years ago, when we were based in the Sg Besi office, almost every week we would buy the apam balik. We will not get tired of eating it.

What is so special about the Sg Besi’s apam balik? Well, their apam balik is not that oily, it is not that sweet, you can taste a little bit of saltiness, and the thickness and fluffiness are just right. It suits my taste. What else so special about it? Maybe my friend BSS, who is a great cook, can best describes it than me.


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