Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not a happy results.

This morning, I attended the Parent-Teacher Meeting or Report Card’s day at my sons’ school. They had their midyear exam before the school holidays, and today is the day where the parents get a chance to get feedback about their kids progress.

My kids were already shown me their exam papers, so basically, I know where they stand. They know I was not really happy with their results, and they know that any negative feedback from their teachers will means trouble. 

When we reached the school, it looked very chaotic. When I asked them, where should we collect their report card, they said not sure.

After looking around, we saw the notice board that directed us where to collect the report card. Standard one was at the canteen, standard two at the badminton court while standard three, standard four and standard five are in their own classes and standard six at the foyer.

When I looked at the canteen, it looked like market. Very noisy. I wonder whether it was a right place to discuss our children. 

Since there are fourteen classes in standard one, we have to search for the teacher. My hubby found Zaki’s teacher, but then Zaki told him that he has moved to a different class. So, another round of searching. When we found the teacher, she was free. Nobody was with her. 

After I had introduced myself, she showed me Zaki’s report card. His results were not bad, but he’s not in the top ten either. Since the teacher didn’t know Zaki very well, she advised us to see his previous class teachers.

Oh! His previous teacher was really busy. There was a long queue waiting to see her. We were number twenty-five, and since she was still handling number thirteen, we decided to go to see Amir’s teacher first.

Amir class is on the third floor. It was very quiet compared to the chaotic environment at the canteen. Not many parents too, and we didn’t have to wait that long to get his result. Ah! Amir result was really a disappointment. The teacher said he could have done better except that he lacks focus in the class lately.

Not only that, the teacher also said that Amir is a dreamer and always didn't finish his class work. Sometimes, he forgot to bring his book. I looked at him, and he knew that he was in trouble.

After Amir’s session, we went back to the canteen to get feedback on Zaki. Oh! The queue was still long. After more than thirty minutes, it was our turn. The teacher gave a better feedback on Zaki. The only negative feedback is Zaki is shy in the class. Didn’t talk much.

So what do they get when they reached home. Nothing. I didn’t scolded them or lectured them. They knew that we were not happy with them when their father took their PSPs, and bicycles away.

Okay boys. You know what to do. If you want your PSPs and bicycles again, show us good results in the next exam.


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  1. I dreaded my first meeting with Emil's teacher too. Thankfully, it went alright. Of course there are complaints from other parents, and not surprising those are my complaints too. Anyhow, I guess Emil's school conducted it rather efficiently, tak tunggu lama.