Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lunch at Tupai-Tupai

I went to Tupa-Tupai for lunch today with my friend, R. My BFF, Y, supposed to join us, but she was on medical leave. So it was only the two of us ladies. Oh! R also took me to Tupai-Tupai on her brand new Red Puegoet. Nice and sexy car. Just like the owner.

We left at 12pm after our meeting, and when we reached there, it was still early. The place was already half full. We didn't go and get the seat first; instead, we headed straight to the foods section. Wow! There were so many to choose from, and I had ‘rambang mata’. 

After checking out the foods, I choose baby kailan fried with oyster sauce, kacang botol fried in chili, ikan masin, masak lemak cili api telur itik (duck’s egg cooked with cili and coconut milk) and ikan bakar cencaru. Since so many ‘lauk’, I asked for half rice only. 

I’m not sure what R ordered, but what I saw on her plate was daging bakar, sambal, and veggies. For drinks, I ordered ice lemon tea whereas R order lime juice.

I was really looking forward to eat my food. The moment it went into my mouth, I felt like my whole mouth burning. The hotness went all the way to my ears. Quickly, I grabbed my drinks to cool it off. Half way through eating, I have to order another drink. 

My non-Malay friends have been laughing at me for not eating hot stuff. Actually I do eat hot stuff, but normally when I cook, I reduce the chili so that it would not be very hot. Otherwise, my tummy will be upset, and that’s what happened today.

Eventhough, it was hot, but the food was yummy, and the company was great. Lots of stories between the two of us. And the best part is the price at Tupai-Tupai is very reasonably. For two persons, it only cost us RM25.00. If I eat at Sooka, I don’t think I get that price. 

Okay, gotta go. Tummy upset. Salam.

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