Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excellence Day

My husband and I took leave today and spent our day going around in KL. But the first destination that we went to was not KL, but Putrajaya.

I went to Immigration Department first to renew my passport, which expired last year. I thought that I would have to wait for a few hours before I can get my passport, but I was surprised. The whole process took less than an hour. Kudos to the Immigration Department for the excellent services.

After that, we headed to EON bank in Putrajaya. Hmm… my husband must have travelled around Putrajaya a lot because he knows all these places. I kept on asking him whether he took the right turns until he asked me to keep quiet. Ahhh… Men!.

When I was leaving the building, I saw a sign board at the parking lot that said, ‘SHORT TERM VISITORS ONLY (less than 30minutes)’. I kept staring at it until my husband asked me what was so interesting. I pointed to him the sign board. We then had a good discussion on that ‘Short term’ on our way to UMW Toyota in Balakong.

I love to be at Toyota Service Center. They have excellent Customer Services. While waiting for my hubby to finish his business with the Service Advisor, I was sitting at the waiting area, enjoying the tea and biscuits that they served. The waiting area has big TV, and it is equipped with few computers for people to surf. They also have free WiFi. I guess people don't mind to wait for hours there.

From Balakong, we headed to KLCC. It was lunch time when we reached KLCC. As usual, the place is packed with office workers out hunting for food. Husband wanted to eat at the Food Court, but I told him, it would not be easy to get a place to sit. True enough, when we reached there, it was packed. 

After going around, we decided to go Aseana Café. The place was full, but we were lucky to get a table. Since I have been to Aseana Café before, I know what I want to order, but hubby was flipping the menu from front to back. As usual, I ordered Spice Chicken Rice for me, and hubby ordered Nasi Lemak with Beef. Both were good.

From KLCC, we went to Tabung Haji to sort out our planned trip. Hubby has finally received the offer and now, both of us can start preparing for our trip. It is a trip that we look forward to. In fact, it is a trip where every Muslim look forward to. At least once in his or her lifetime.

From KLCC, we made one more stop, that is, in Kajang. By this time, I was already tired, and looked forward to go home.

Oh! During that nine hours that we were away from home, I received twenty calls from Zara and Zaki. They took turns to call until I have to ignore it. Do they missed us, or they just wanted to give us a hard time? I guess it is more that they missed us. If possible they wanted to follow, but they can’t because they have school to attend.


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