Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's play quiz!

Haha! My kids were very cute today. The youngest two, Zaki and Zara, were testing my knowledge on animals.

I was having my iftar when they kept me company. Zara had her dinner earlier with her grandma while Zaki was waiting for me to get home before he had his.

Dinner was good as we had curry crab, mushroom soup and fried chicken. Since I was fasting today, my kind mother-in-law also made ‘lepat pisang’, and it’s our favorite.

As I was eating, Zara, with her book and color pencil, were sharing her story with me. So did Zaki. Suddenly, Zara said, ”Let’s play. Whoever can answer the question will get 5 points.”

Her first question was directed to Zaki, “What’s animal eat grass?”

“Cow,” said Zaki confidently.

“Five points for Zaki,” said Zara raising her hand and show five fingers.

“Now, your turn ibu. What animal live in the tree?” she asked.

“In the tree?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

Quickly Zaki answered, ”Ants,”.

"Not your turn yet!” chided Zara, and then whispered to me,” If you don’t answer you will not get five points.”

“Oh! In or on the tree?” I asked again.

“Never mind! I rephrase," said Zara. “It climbs the tree, and then stay on top of the tree.” She made of snake movement going up the tree.

“Oh!” I said smiling. “Snake.”

“Yeah! Five points for ibu,” she shouted. “Now your turn to ask a question to us,” said Zara.

“Okay. What animal has black and white stripes?”

“Zebra,” answered Zaki. “Five points to Zaki. Now Zara, your turn. What animal has trunk?” I asked.

She looked puzzled. “Trunk?”

“Yeah! Trunk.”

“Elephant,” said Zaki.

The game continued until I finished my dinner. The last question that I asked, “Who is the most stubborn?”, and Zara, raised her hand and answered, “Me.”

“Yeah! Fifty points for Zara,” I said and she was so happy because she finally got points from me.

Hehehe…. All the day job stresses went out of the window.

For your info, Zara is only five year olds while Zaki’s seven.


  1. Too cute! Smart kids they are. Emil misses them. Is wondering if they can come over to PH.

  2. Yong, insyaallah. One of this days. Need to find the right time to visit PH.