Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday Afternoon with Hindi Movie

I’m glad that I don’t have to work on Saturday. It means a lot to me where I can spend my Saturday relaxing with the kids. For the past, one month, I have been spending my Saturday afternoon watching the Hindi movie from either TV2 or TV3.

Watching Hindi movie helped me to stay awake especially in a hot Saturday afternoon. The actors and actress are handsome and beautiful. Their movies are full of colors, wonderful songs and dances. Not only that, I also learnt something about their culture and tradition.

Sometimes I would be flipping between TV2 and TV3, but today, it was totally TV2. They were showing Baabul starring Amitab Bachan, Hema Malini, Rani Mukarjhee and John Abraham. The movie was about the Mili (Rani Mukarjhee) who moved to her in-laws house after she got married. This is part of the Indian culture when the girl married she said goodbye to her family, and started a new life with her new family.

Milli was very happy until her husband died in an accident. She changed from a happy person to a sad women and devoted her life to the memory of her husband.

She lost the zest to live, and when her father in law, Balraj (Amitabh Bachan) saw this, he wanted her daughter in law to be happy again. He approached Milli’s friend, Rajat (John Abraham) who still in love with Milli.

He brought back Rajat from Europe, and pushed them to be together as much as possible until Milil decided to accept Rajat as her husband. She only accepted that, after her father in law explained to her that he wanted to see her happy again. He further said what she had is not life, and he also said that he loves her like his own daughter.

On her wedding day, the father in law’s older brother came and disagreed with the marriage, as he viewed it as something against their culture and tradition. Hah! To make it more interesting, they had a brother who died at a young age, and his widow lived with their family. The older brother pointed out that the sister in law was happy, and didn’t need to find another husband. I like the replied from the widowed sister in law. “If wearing white and eating two times a day, is called happy, then I’m happy,” she said with a sad eye. 

As usual in Hindi movie, they always have a happy ending. So was this movie where the older brother realized his mistakes and agreed to let the wedding proceed.

Eventhough, this movie didn’t have any suspend elements or twists, it was a good movie as it leave a message to those who still practicing and believing in this tradition. To me, it is an eye opener because if I don’t watch this movie, I wouldn’t know that there are still some people in India practicing this. 

Talking about Hindi movie, my favorite Hindi movie is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. No matter how many times I watched it, I will cry. Here, is the song from the film. Enjoy.

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