Friday, July 8, 2011

Zara and her green peas.

This morning, my little girl, refused to get up from bed to go to school. Well, her teacher asked everyone in the class to bring green peas, and we didn’t have any green peas at home.

Well, on Thursday evening, she did called and said that she has to bring green peas to school, but I was busy at that time. My respond to her was, “Hmmm.” 

I didn’t remember about it at all until 8.30pm when she asked me for the green peas. Oooopsss..I totally forgot about it. She didn’t say anything about it and went to bed. I thought she would be okay, but I was wrong because the first thing she said when I woke her up, “Where the green peas? I don’t to go to school if I don’t have green peas.”

“Trouble,” I mumbled to myself. 

Luckily my father-in-law was kind enough to go and buy the green peas. Haha! He has to go two times to get the green peas. But because Zara is his favorite grandchildren, he didn’t mind.

First, he headed to the Seksyen 7 near the primary school, but on the way out, there was a lot of cars in front of the primary school. The school was preparing for the visit from Ministry of Education.

There were so many guests at the school, and this caused congestion to the road in front of the school. In fact, the shops around the place were also closed and no green peas. I then suggested that he buys from the groceries stores near the surau. 

Off he went to the grocery store and brought back the green peas. I thought my girl would go with his Atuk, but she didn’t want her grandfather. She wanted her mama to send her to school. Ughh! At that time, it was 8.15am already, and I was just getting ready to work.

Thinking that she was already late, I rushed her to school, but when I reached there, her classmates were all sitting outside waiting for the Minister. Not two minutes later, they minister and his officers arrived at the primary school. Did I see him? Heh! I only saw a black car passing by.

When I reached home today, I asked my girl where are the green peas. Her responds, “We going to plant the green peas on Monday, mama. When it grows, we can cook it later.”

Huh Zara dear! You only brought a few green peas. It would not be enough to cook it.



  1. Zai, I can understand your daughter's feelings. I was the same too.. but mine was arriving to school on time.

    I didn't like it when my dad sent me to school, because he will leave the house late and I will arrive in school late. Sometimes I feel better not go to school as I will always be punished for something that isn't even my fault.

    My dad on the other hand, selamba je. Haiya.

  2. Razlin, it's true. I hate to be in that position too. Last Monday, si abang didn't go to school because of his necktie. Ayooyooo..tension jadnya..

  3. Zai, oh no.. I hope it ended well with Si Abang!