Monday, February 14, 2011

Tale of the Land of No Name - The Engagement

The Queen was very beautiful and rich. So many men wanted to marry her but she was so choosy and picky. There were Princes, Barons, Knights wanted to court her but none has caught her attention until a Prince from a Down Under called on her.

The Prince from the Down Under was very handsome. He was very charming and friendly. His was totally difference from the Queen. He dazzled the Queen. He courted her, dined her and sang to her. The Queen fell in love with the Prince. The Prince not only won the Queen's heart but also the people of Land of No Name.

The Queen changed. Since she met the Prince she became more friendly with the People. 

"Ahh.. The Prince is such a good thing happened to the Queen. She is more happier now," said Jonas.
"Yes, she is but when are they going to get marry?" said Joseph.

The people continue to pray for the Queen to marry the Prince. After waiting for months, then came the newbearer, "Hear yea! Hear yea! The Queen has decided to marry the Prince from Down Under. The wedding will be held in a month time."

The people was so happy and so was the Prince and the Queen. The Prince and the Queen decided to throw a party to celebrate their engagement. All the people, young and old, from the Land of No Name were invited to the party. 

On the day when the party was held, everybody went to the party. The women wore their best dressed, painted the face while the men shaved and cleaned themselves. There were so many foods for the people. There were jugglers, fiddlers entertaining the crowd. The Prince and the Queen walked and mingled with the crowd.

"Congratulation, my lord, my Queen," said Adam.
"Thank you," said the Prince but the Queen only look at him.

The Prince and the Queen continued to walk. The Prince will stop and chat with the people but the Queen looked bored when the Prince did that. Suddenly a small boy accidentally ran into the Queen and spilled his drink on the Queen dress.

"Sorry my lady," said the boy scared.
"Ahhhh!!!," shouted the Queen angrily. She pointed to the boy. "You has spoiled my dress. Guard took the boy away."

The guard quickly took the boy away. The boy cried, "Momma, Momma, help me." His parents knelt  and grovel in front of the Queen, pleading for the boy to be release.

"Dear Queen, please forgive my son as he is only 5 years old," pleaded the mother. " He didn't meant to spill the drink."

The Queen just ignored the parent and walked back to the castle. The Prince looked at the Queen and then to the parents. The poor mother cried and pleaded further but the Queen just ignored her. They then turned to the Prince.

"My Lord, please help us, my lord. He didn't mean it. He is just a child." pleaded the father.  

"Don't worry," said the Prince. " Let me talked to the Queen and get the boy back for you," he said and walked after the Queen.

The festive moods changed after the event. People became more conscious, afraid of the Queen temper. Suddenly, the Prince came out and stood on the stage. A horn was blown so everybody looked at the Prince.

"The Queen has asked me to say this. She was sorry that she lost her temper. She has agreed to release the boy," said the Prince.

The boy was brought to the stage and the mother ran after him. She cried and hugged the boy.
"Thank you, my lord. Thank you," she said bowing to the Prince. She carried the boy down and everyone was very happy that the Prince has saved the day. 

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