Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please! Not another one....

Today, I left office quite late but I was not the last one. There were still quite a number of people in the office. Not that I was busy with work (anyway it was after 6.30pm) but I was busy checking for traffic summons online. There were two outstanding summons that I yet to settle.

As I was trying to pay the summon via on-line, it didn't accept my cards. First I tried my favorite HSBC card, failed. Tried another card my faithful MBf's Lady Card, failed. I tried a few more times but every time, i got rejected and finally, I saw a message that one of the reason is that I must register for secure payment. Duh!

I called the bank customer service centre and they told me I need to register for internet banking. I tried to register, but when it requested for my pin number, hmmm...I quit because I can't remember where I keep the pin number.  

By the time I went down to the lobby, it was already 7.30pm. As I reached the lobby, I saw the road was wet. I didn't realised it was raining earlier. It was not heavy but enough to get the road wet. I kind of worried because I don't want to be stuck in the jam.

But I was wrong. The traffic was good. I was speeding on the NPE until when I reached the exit to KL-Seremban Highway. I wondered what causing the cars to slow down. Then I saw police traffics what else, catching traffic offenders.

They were flagging those cars  coming from KL, who were caught driving on the emergency lane, and asked them to stopped at the roadside. When they did this, they also stopped the cars coming from NPE. I didn't realized that they were doing that until, this young policeman stopped me.

I was panicked. Did I do anything wrong? Did I exceed the speed limit? So I thought of moving to the roadside when the policeman shouted at me. I signaled to him that I want to go to the roadside but he was grumbling and pointed to a taxi that was flagged down.

"Phew!!!" I said when I saw that. "Luckily it's not me. Kalau tak habislah aku," I said with relief. I can't afford to get another summon when I have two  outstanding summons that I need to settle by tomorrow (24th Feb) if I want to enjoy the 50% discount. I guess I was lucky this time but tomorrow I have to settle the two summons online again or else, I will be poorer by RM450.

Wish me luck...salam.

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