Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blessed or Purely Coincidence?

Yesterday, there was a lion dance at my office. I blogged about the lion dance yesterday but I'm not going to blog the same thing today but somehow it has some relations to it. The Chinese believe that the Lion Dance will bring in prosperity, good health and others good things but for me, it was fun to see how they danced to the drum beat.

But in the afternoon, after the dance, bad thing happened to me. As I was busy looking for parking space and talking to my friend, without realising that there was a Proton Exora behind me, I reversed my car into it. I was lucky because it only caused a little dented on both cars and no major hoo hah.

As I was about to sit down at the meeting room, I received a call from my hubby saying that our sofa is ready for delivery but we need to pay the balance. I asked him, "Can't we just issued cheque?" He said, "Nope. We have to bank in to their account." So after I got the account number, I found out that I can only transfer RM4K." Oooopppsss, we are in trouble," I said softly. Since I have the guy's number I called him and he said to pass the balance to the delivery guy. "Phew!!," I called my husband. "Good news as we can pay the balance with cash." 

So the new sofa was delivered as per our orders but there was some glitch. When we ordered the sofa earlier, we also traded in our old sofa and the delivery guy has to take back the old sofa. Unfortunately, it was still in the old house, which is about 10km away from our new house. My husband has to negotiate with the sales person and finally they agreed to collect the old sofa from Saujana. Otherwise, we have to pay another RM600 to them. Oh second good news.

When I woke up this morning, I saw a tweet from my Brazilian friend saying that she has received the package that I sent to her before Christmas. It has been missing for almost two months and I was worried about it "Ahhh...good, Finally it reached Doris or @RanchodoSol," I said to myself. Third good news I received and the next one is the best thing to happen.

Normally every morning, I will have a battle with Zaki to get him to school and today while I was preparing breakfast , I heard him taking his shower and getting ready to school. Yup this is the best thing to happen because he has refused to go to school since three weeks ago. I just hope, he will go to school on Monday next week voluntarily.

The good news didn't stop there. As I was driving to work, I received another good news. A book that I have wanted to is finally available for me to buy it. Yes, this morning as I was driving to work, I received a tweet from Keri Steven, you can find more about her here, that her debut book Stone Kissed is available on Kobo. "Yes!!!," I said to myself. For your information, I have been waiting for this book to be available on KOBO since end of December. And the best thing was that I purchased it using the promotion code that KOBO sent to me on Thursday that entitled me for 20% discount. 

As I was reading my mail and answering few queries, the mail boy came and told me, "Kak ada package untuk akak. Nanti saya bawak masuk." (There's a package for me and he will bring it to me). My response to that, "Oh!! Ya?" as normally we have to collect it from the mail room. And the package is the one I have been waiting for - the latest book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Call Me Irresistible. Wow another happy thing happened to me and for the rest of the day I feel very happy and good. I was also having fun teaching @JeffeKennedy some malay words today.

Is it because of the lion dance or just coincidence that all these goods thing happened to me today? I believe it is purely coincidence because I believe Allah knows best what in store for me...
Okay before I go, stay positive...Be Happy...Salam

BTW BSS, here the video clip of you and the lion


  1. You put wonderful, caring things out into the world: they come back to you. Here's wishing you much more luck - and that you'll teach me more words!

  2. I'm with Jeffe. As my husband (quoting someone else says): You see what you look at. You look at and for the positive--and you find it. I'm honored that you count my book as a positive!

  3. Jeffe, thank you and I'm happy to teach more words.

    Keri, every book has a positive side to it no matter what genre they are. Every time I read, I learned something new

    And thank you to both of you for your books.

  4. I love the idea of the lion dance! I'm going to go do one right now :)


  5. Every drum beat in the lion dance has it owns meaning and movement. Hope you enjoy your dance. LOL