Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My son and his fear of school.

My third son, Zaki, has problem going to the Agama school. He has not attended the school since 25th January. I have been asking him why but he will not tell me anything. He will just sit there staring at me. 

Yesterday morning, I lost my temper with him. I coaxed him, begged him, berated at him, whacked him, he still not budge from his bed. I gave up and finally I just ignored him. Being ignored works as it is most painful to him and being very closed to me he felt that I don't love him anymore.

Last night, when I reached home, he proudly said that he attended the afternoon session and he has homework. We sat down together and I went through his school work with him. He also promised that he will go to the morning school today with a condition that I send him to school. 

I further probed him last night, why he didn't want to go to school. He said he scared of the teacher. "Okay,"  I said. "I will talk to your teacher tomorrow." Do you know what he said? "Don't, ibu." He wanted to preserve his cool and macho look, I guess.

I just nodded my head and this morning, as promised, he went to school. When we reached the school, he went into the class and sit quietly at the back row. Since I need to pay for the school's fees too, and the teacher in-charge was late, it gave me the opportunity to observe the class and him. Well everyone sit quietly doing their work.

As I writing my check, I told the teacher my son has problem going to school because of the teacher. To my surprised, my son was not the only one scared of the teacher. There are other students who have the same problem. But the headmistress assured me that the teacher was replaced with a different teacher. The new teacher is more suitable to teach the year one student.

I also found out that the school also has a programme where I can subscribes to food package and they will provide food during recess. I like this program because my son still doesn't know the value of money.

Before I left him, I introduce him to the teacher and told him to behave in the class. He just nodded and looked sad when I said good-bye to him. I pray that he will like the new teacher and enjoy his lesson.

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