Monday, February 7, 2011

Our experience with Tutti Frutti

Hey Folks! Tutti Frutti is now in Bangi, to be specific Seri Bangi. They just opened there about three weeks ago. Do you know what is Tutti Fruitti? It is a frozen yogurt.

Since Tutti Frutti put up a banner in front of the shop lot, my husband has been talking about going to Tutti Frutti. So last Friday, after the Friday prayer, he told us to get ready to go out. As usual he will not tell me the whole thing.

As we left the house instead of turning to the usual road that will take us to highway, he turned the car towards Bangi. "Aiii.. where are we going? Thought we heading to Klang?" I asked him. He didn't replied but Amir said, "Tutti Frutti la tu"

True enough, he took us to Tutti Frutti and I looked at him. "Can I stay in the car?" He said, "Nope," and switched off the car engine. I have no choice but to follow them to the shop. When we reached there, the place was packed and most of the tables were taken but I managed to secure one table outside at the pavement.

My hubby walked into the shop and a short while later, I saw him walking back towards me. I went to him thinking that he managed to grab a table in the shop but it was not. Instead he asked me to order the yogurt. I looked at him and whispered to him, " You wanted to come here, why don't you asked the girl there?" As usual, when it comes to new place or new area, he will leave it to me to handle it. 

The girl was very helpful. She told us this is a self serving outlet and the machine is on the wall. Just select what flavour that we want and can top up with fruits or chocolate. She pointed us the cup and the smallest cup,in my opinion, is equivalent to the biggest Baskin Robbin's cup. The kids were very excited and Zaki wanted the biggest cup but I told him no. So everyone took the smallest cup each and when it come to the yogurt they don't know what to choose. So after debating, they decided they wanted vanilla flavour and chocolate. The kids were having fun pressing the yogurt machine. I forgot to warn them that this is not ice-cream but hey, let them find out the taste themselves. 

Looking at the amount that they have in the cup, I was worried. Not sure how much it going to cost me but I know it going to be expensive. True enough when the cashier weighed up all the yogurt, it cost me RM88.00. The price stated on the wall RM5.30 per 100gm.  

The kids were so happy and eager to eat it but after few spoon of vanilla and cholocate yogurt, the said enough.  It was not as they expected but for me I like it. Since three kids abandoned their yogurt, I looked at my husband. "You have to finish that," pointing to Zaki's and Amir's yogurt. "I will finish up Zara's." He looked at Syafid and asked Syafiq to help him. We did finished the yogurt but not all in the shop. Some we have to take it back with us.

Since my kids don't like it, I don't think I will go again unless someone want to belanja me. But if you want to try, please go. I can guarantee you will like it. So what are you waiting for?. Go and try the Tutti Frutti now- salam.


  1. I do love the family moments that you have. I wish I could have seen you all choosing what to fill your cups with. It sounds delicious and you know that one of my favourite things in the world is ice cream ;-)

  2. Brain Freeze, yes I love Tutti Frutti too.

    Jodene, it was hilarious and embarrassing as the kids were so loud.