Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When mommy doesn't know everything...

All my boys attended religious school besides the national school. Since both me and my husband are busy working, we need to ensure that they learn about our faith and the best place to ensure they get this knowledge is from this religious school. It is not compulsory but most of the parents now opt to send their kids to this school.

One of the subjects is Arabic. I found out that Arabic is not that easy to learn even though some of the words has similar meaning with us. Since my knowledge on Arabic is zero, I really don't bother to go through my sons lesson until Zaki attended his class.

This boy loves to ask me questions. I have no problem in answering his question except for Arabic. One night while I was going through his class work, he asked me for some words in Arabic.

Son:  "Ibu, what do call eye in Arabic?"
Me:   "Ainon," answering him confidently because I know the word.
Son:  "Nose?"
Me:   "Aaaaaa...."
Son:  "You don't know?"
Me:   "I don't know."
Son:  "But I thought you know everything." He looked surprised.
Me:   "I didn't say I know everything."
Son:  "But you are mommy. Mommy must know everything."

Wow, when I heard that, I'm kind of shock because definitely I don't know everything. The same thing happened when it is related to my work. When they know that I work this %*&I$ company, they started asking me things that I also don't know the answer or start complaining about the services.

Sometimes when there is family gathering and someone has problem with their computer, they will asked me to look into the problem. Just because I work in IT line, they expect me to know everything but hey, I have not done technical for more than 8 years. I might not know how to resolve the problem but I can look and give advise.

Eisshhh...It is tough to live up to the expectation. What should I do? Should I pretend that I know everything? I don't think so but I can't let them down either. Ahhh tough..tough world we live in....

Okay, enough of rambling...until then...salam

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