Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cake anyone?

Today, I decided to bake cake for my kids. The last time I did that was three years ago and the result was not so good. I do have an excuse for that. My oven was broken and I was trying to bake using my microwave oven. Not bad. Still edible but I was not satisfied because it doesn't turned out to be what I want.

Now, I have new oven so it is about time that I try it. I planned to bake it last week but have to cancel my plan due to something. Since today has been raining since morning and I have nothing to do, I decided to bake the cake that I promised them. So when the boys went to their music class, I took the opportunity to bake it. Don't want too many assistance to assist me in the kitchen.  I only let Zara to assist me since she was at home. 

What do we bake? We baked marble cake and this is Amir's favorite. I did it from scratch and I can say that it was such a success. By the time, the boys came back from the music class, the cake was already in the oven. They can smell it from the front door and their reaction, "Why don't you wait for me. I want to help." Huh! You can see all my boys love to help me cooking but I would rather do it myself. Much easier and less confusion and shouting.

While waiting for the cake to be ready, I cooked for lunch too. Just a simple lunch. Sambal ikan and kangkong goreng. The kids kept coming to the kitchen asking when will it be ready. They can't wait. The moment Zaki saw me taking out the cake from the oven, he shouted to the rest  but I told them to wait first. They were basically standing next to the cake until I cut it. I have to say the joy on their faces when they eat the cake will be one of the memories that will be etched forever in my head. It was such a joy to see them enjoying the cake.

I thought the cake will last for two days but by 5pm, it was finished. While I was taking a nap, Zara (with the help of her grandfather) has quietly eating the cake. So was my hubby and the boys. By the time, I went down, only 1/6 of the cake left and when I served it on the plate, its disappeared within 10 minutes. But I have no complaint. 

Heehee, they have now asked me to bake cupcake this week. I haven't say yes yet but if I do, I bet it will finish within a day too. Let's see whether it will happen....Salam.


  1. What beautiful family moments. It all sounds very delicious in your house. Well done on the cake, it's still something I can't say I'm very good at!

  2. Thanks Jodene. When you have 4 growing kids, everything is delicious to them. Hahaha..I'm still working on my baking skill..

  3. bole bayangkan mcm mana dia org tunggu cake tu kena potong... hehe cute lah.