Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy but not really happy.

My empty living room
I blogged about my new house last week. You can read it here. We have been here for 2 weeks but we are still unpacking our things. But one thing for sure, my new house is empty. There is no sofa in the living or family area, no dining table and my fridge is also empty. Well to say it is totally empty is not right either as we do have some chairs that we brought with us from our old house. 

My brand new kitchen is also fully equipped. Ready for me to show off my cooking skill but I can't because the pots and pans are still at the old house. I need to get my hubby to bring it back to Bangi so that I can start practicing my cooking skill again. Not that I'm a great cook but I'm kind of sick eating outside.
My garden

I like my new place. The neighborhood is quite and clean. The only thing that I don't like is the network coverage. The 3G coverage really sucks. I can only get the 3G network if I call from outside my house or when I'm in my room. Because of this, I cannot access twitter or FB from my phone anytime I like. Every time I want to access twitter or FB, I have to strategically find a spot where I can get the signal. This really frustrated me. There are also times when I'm at the kitchen, I cannot make or received calls. Did I complaint to the service provider? Yes I did but so far, no improvement.

My friend, who came over to visit me commented that the network coverage by the Service Provider is very bad in Section 7. It is common knowledge to everyone but not sure why nothing has been done to improve the services. I guess there is an alternative service providers that they can subscribe too. But for me, I love my current service provider. I want them to improve the network coverage. I don't want to jump to another service provider. Sheessh, some of you may know why I love the service provider very much. 

I hope it will improve soon and btw, when will UNIFI be available at my area? I am so green with jealousy when BFF has UNIFI installed at her place. Dear UNIFI service provider, please expedite your rollout to Bangi. Love, me.

Okaylah. Enough of rambling from me...See you soon. Salam.


  1. I wish you so much joy and happiness in your new space. Enjoy your cooking, your space and your friend!

  2. Zai,
    Semalam kot aku nampak org Telekom sibuk psg benda ntah kat depan JPJ tu. Masa dah nak jalan aku nampak mcm tulisan UNIFI je.. so, maybe tak lama lagi kot?

    BTW I know why you like 'that' service provider :D

  3. Jodene, thank you
    Qis, hope cepatla Unifi masuk.

  4. Is it me mentioned? He...he..he....
    Fast, yes.
    But now feeling cheated a bit by Unifi. This sales rep said new movies would be available after 2-3 days they were out ... been looking forward to have a 'cinema' at home with the movie Paranormal2 ( kids know the title better), but until now is not available yet in their 'Video On Demand' TV service.
    Errmmmm...? Should file a complain?