Monday, January 24, 2011

My Little Girl is Five Now

My little girl turned five on 15th Jan. We didn't get her anything except cake. That's the tradition in the family. We only have birthday party and doa selamat (special prayer) when they were one year old. 

Actually, I kind of forgot about her birthday. I only remembered two days before the day and to order a special cake is kind of late. Even though, we don't plan for her birthday, somehow, we have an impromptu birthday party. My husband's side came over for a visit and they brought some food with them. So we have nasi lemak, KFC, cake, fruits and peanuts.

She loves to laugh
I still remember when she was born five years ago. It was on Sunday morning and I was in the labour room for two hours. I was watching ninja turtle when she decided to come out to the world. She was  big. The biggest among my four kids. She was born 3.27kg and it was an easy labour. In fact all four were easy for me.

When she was 3 months old, I have to leave her with my husband. I was assigned to Jakarta on short term assignment but my two months assignment ended up to be eight months. I traveled back every two weeks so that I would not miss her and the rest. When I first came back after being away for two weeks, she was still awake. When she saw me, she just stared at me and must be wondering who is this lady? But I have to say that the eight months separation was kind of painful to the kids and me.

Ibu, tengok mata Ya..
I have to say that my little girl  is very brave and a fighter. She is not scared and she will fight for her right. Her older brothers who are eleven and seven will always ended up crying after fighting with her. I always reminded the boys not to disturb her else she will be after them. I just hope that she will not cause problem when she grows up. 

Even though she is fierce and fight with her brothers, they love her very much. They will pamper and protect her. Yesterday when I was at Metro Kajang with them, my seven years old was holding her sister's hand and ran after their dad who was walking ahead of them. They didn't know that I was watching from the side. It kind of touching and cute to see that. 

Zara, ibu doakan semoga Zara menjadi seorang anak yang solih dan berjaya dalam kehidupan, Ya... Amen....

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