Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year , New Environment and Loving It

I have not updated my blog for quite sometimes. I have been busy with works, my parents and also with moving to my new house. December last year was the toughest month that I ever experienced. I lost my father in December and I felt it especially when my family came over to my new house last Sunday. 

I still remembered when I told my family that I'll be moving to my new house, Abah asked from his hospital bed,"Abah invited tak?" I replied, "Abah, I'm rushing to get it done for you." Unfortunately, he was gone before my house was ready. Mom was very sad when she came last Sunday to my house. She knows that Abah always wanted to come and see my new house. Whatever it is, I will do Tahlil for Abah soon in my new house.

Last week of December, I has been very busy with my kids and getting them ready for the new school terms. This year, Zaki is in Standard 1 and it means new school uniforms, new school shoes and bag. He had his orientation and placement exams on 30th December. Thanks Allah that he made it. He has no problem adapting to school life except it is a battle to get him up for the school in the morning.

Not only Zaki adapting to new friends and school, Zara and Amir also has to adapt to the change. Luckily they have no problems with new schools and friends. Zara was very cute on her first day in kindergarten. I just dropped her off in front of the school and without looking back, she confidently walk inside and sit next to her new friends. Oh! I'm so proud of her.

Amir has a new experience too. Since the school is only 120 meters away from our house, he now has to walk to school every morning. It will be good for him so that he can lose some weight. I think he already had since his school pants is already lose and he needs a belt now. 

The only person who doesn't need to adapt is Syafiq. He still goes to the old school in Saujana and the person who needs to adapt to this routine is my hubby. He has to send Syafiq every morning to school and they have to leave the house by 6.45am otherwise he will be late to class.

For me, it is a new experience too. All my kids are away in school in the morning and the house is very quite when they are not around. It gives me the opportunity to clean the house before I go to work and also I value the quietness of the house. It's heaven.

Okay, enough of me rambling about my kids and  before I forgot, Happy New Year to all. May this year brings you joy and happiness...salam.


  1. congratulation for owning a new indeed looks serene and peaceful...not to mention luxurious...