Friday, December 24, 2010

A Quick Glance on 2010..

Wow! Another 6 more days and we will say goodbye to 2010. Are we ready to welcome 2011? Ready or not, we have no choice. It will comes and nobody can stop it except God.Well what have I achieved this year? Nothing much I guess. Let's see what I have achieved. 

Career wise, I have to say that I lost my steam this year. Used to be like Speedy Gonzales but this year, I feel more like I a tortoise. Slow and steady but still deliver. Guess age is catching up with me.

Health wise, not so good.  I took quite a number of medical leave compared to previous years. My knee and back problem are enough to slow me down. I have to be careful when doing my exercises or playing games. No more badminton or tennis or squash for me. Sob! Sob! Sob! 

Financial wise, just so so. Not so great and not so bad but my new house is taking a big bite from my saving but worth it. I don't know whether I can recover those money. Insyaallah boleh!

On personal front, I have achieved what I set in the beginning of the year except one thing, losing weight. That mission will be carried forward to 2011 and I really hope that I will achieve it. I need motivation and anybody want to join me? We can compare result. Oh another achievement, I will be moving to my dream house next week. Kids will have more space to run around and bigger place to clean up.

On the downside, I lost my dad this year and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last two months of this year has been very challenging where I have to juggle between work, family and dad. Thank Allah for giving me the strength to go through the last two month and thanks to my friends who provided the support during the difficult period. No words can describe my gratitude.

Lastly, I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Salam

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