Monday, December 6, 2010

My son has grown up!

Yesterday I attended my youngest two year-end school's concerts and graduation. My son attended Little Tots,the kindergarten, for two years and I can see that he has changed from a shy, insecure person to a cheerful and outgoing guy. Changes in his personalities has given me confidence that he can adapt well in standard 1 next year. I hope he will not cry for me to be with him at school.

I still remembered last year when it was always a battle to get him to go to school. He will gives all kind of excuses and refused to get on the school bus. It was very stressful for him and also for me. I have to be hard on him and sometimes he will cried at the school gate when I dropped him off. But two months before the year end, he changed. He started to enjoy school and didn't give me any problem anymore.

I thought that he will still gives me problem. So I decided to send my little girl to the same school, to accompany him. To make sure that he didn't feel abandon. For your information, I have no problem with my 4 years old girl as she is always confidence and not scared of anything. She can take care of herself and can fight with her brothers and most of the times the brothers will be crying for help.

But I was wrong. He doesn't feel abandon at all. Instead he immediately take care of his little sister. He will ensure she drinks and eats at school, protect the sister from others and the cute thing is, he always reminded the sister what the teacher said. Whoa..he really plays the role of big brother beyond my expectation.No more excuses and will be the first to be ready for school. Wow! What a change!

Not only he has grown in term of his personality, he also shown a lot of improvement in his studies and now he can read and write very well. Zaki, keep up the good work and hope you will continue to excel in Standard One and Zara, continue the good work. Both of you can be what you dream to be..Amen. And thank you to all the teachers at Little Tots for making my children believe in themselves.


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