Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodbye Dad.

My dad passed away peacefully on Tuesday at 7.25pm. I was lucky to be with him. All his daughters were with him during his last moments. On Friday, when he lost a lots of blood, doctor gave him until morning but boy, dad was a fighter.

He survived for another four more days. On that Tuesday 14th Dec 2010, I just came out from meeting at 5pm when my oldest sister called me and said doctor has advised mom to take dad back home. When mom heard that, she called my oldest brother who brought an imam with him, to conduct the special prayer. This prayer is just to ease him to move to the next journey in his life.

When I heard the news, I quickly cleared some of my work and left office. As I was parking my car, I saw my brother with the imam leaving the parking. So I quickly walked to the ward. As I put down my backpack, my dad condition  changed. I saw Mom was standing at the window and when we saw dad's condition we quickly called mom. As we surrounded him, mom recited the shahadah to dad's ear. We quickly called the nurses who was stationed right in-front of dad's ward and they quickly brought in their equiments to monitor dad's heartbeat.

As we gathered around him, with my eldest sister reading Surah al-Bakarah and the rest reading Surah Yaasin,  dad left us. He went off peacefully where he just looked like he was sleeping. We cried but I managed to control my tears. We kissed him goodbye before they took him to mortuary where they did the final preparation before the funeral.

We took dad back to his house in Seremban, which was left empty since September, and get it ready to receive him. He reached the house at midnight and the neighbours came to pay respect to him. 

After the subuh prayer, we invited the jemaah surau for tahlil and at 8.30am, he was taken to surau for the prayer. His was laid at Makam Tuan Haji Said and his grave is facing the army camp. Yes, dad was an ex-army. Mom said to him after the funeral, "Tok, goodbye. Rest in peace tok. See you are facing the army camp. Goodbye."

We said our final goodbye to him before we left the cemetery but as we passed by on the way back, we can see his grave from the road. Abah, even though you are no more with us, you will always be in our lives and will alway be remembered by us.

 "Abah, Zai doakan roh abah di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin." Al-fatihah.....