Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How good is your imagination?

I like to look at the sky. The formation of the cloud and the different color shades of the sky always fascinated me. Last sunday, while on my way sending my helper back to her place, I asked her to look at the sky.

Me: "Bibik, look at the cloud? What do you see?"
Bibik : "Hmmm...is it going to rain?"
Me: "No. Look careful. What do you see?"
Bibik: After looking around for few minutes she said, "Don't know." 
Me : Pointing to a cloud that look like a man's head. "Look at that cloud. Does it look like a man's head and shoulder?"
Bibik: "Ha ah!" she sound so excited to discover that.
Me: "What else can you see?"
Bibik: "Hmm...'

I like to do the same to my kids. Whenever we go out, I will ask them to look at the sky and see what they can see. It is interesting to see each and every one of them have their own interpretation from one cloud formation but the common one that I heard , Dragon.

To me, this is one way of challenging my children to use their imagination and to be creative. This is also what I did when I was a kid. I will lie down on the grass or underneath a tree and looked at the sky. So many things I imagined. I guess because of that, I'm now more of an observer rather than a talker.

Do you think it is bad to be an observer? I don't think so because it gives me a lot of ideas. Before I go, what can you see from the picture below? 

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