Friday, February 4, 2011

When the timing is wrong

Yesterday I went back to Seremban for my late father special prayer. On the way back, we decided to visit his grave. It was our first visit after the funeral. We left Bangi after the Asar prayer but instead of heading back to Seremban, we had our tea at Old Timer Kopitiam first. By the time we left Old Timer Kopitiam, it was almost 6pm and drizzling.

On the way to Seramban, the traffic was good and by the time we reached Seremban, the rain has stopped. The time show 6.50pm. We passed the quiet town of Seremban and when we reached the Tanah Perkuburan Tuan Hj Said, my husband turned into the cemetery.

As we drove in, there were two guys who were about to leave the cemetry. Since my dad's grave is quite far in, I told hubby to drive as close as possible to my father grave. He parked at the narrow road between graves and we walked over to my dad's grave. Because of the late hours and nobody else around, I was a little bit uncomfortable but I can't show that t0 my kids.

When we got down from the car, the boys were very excited. I told them that the area has changed and there are more new graves. They said they know the area and confidently went to search for it but when they reached there, they can't find their grand-dad's grave. They were looking high and low and were looking at wrong one. 

Since my mom has informed me about this and she asked me to look for a grave with a pink vase. She also told me to look for a board with my dad's name. I also remembered that next to my dad's grave, was a grave with a plastic bottle. Based on that two clue, I looked for it and viola, I found it. I called the boys and pointed to them. By that time, it was already 7pm.

As we gathered around the grave, my hubby and the boys were reading Yaasin. Since I was having a red light, I can't read Yaasin but I can only recited Al-fatihah. While waiting for them to finish reading Yaasin, I looked around and I can see people playing football about 500m away and I can also see the Christian cemetery clearly. Then I turned and looked to my left where, there are some undeveloped area, trees, bushes and some other things there. I feel scared and  uncomfortable.

I was looking at my watched and it was 7.10pm.  I know Amir will be taking sometimes to finish the surah so I stood next to him and urging him to speed up the reading. Whenever he stuck, I will read it out for him just to speed up. By the time he is through, it is almost marghib and we quickly packed and walked to the car. In fact we ran to the car as I don't really like what I felt there at that particular hour. 

Much later, when I sat with my sisters, they told me that the caretaker has advised them not to visit during noon or when raining because there are some restless soul there. In fact, not far from my dad's grave,  there was someone who killed himself. When I heard that, I said to myself, "That's it! No more visiting in the afternoon or evening. It will be morning." Luckily, none of my kids experience anything bad that night. Alhamdulillah, we were safe even though we reached there late.

Have you ever experience anything that make you unwelcome? Share with me...

Oh! Before I go,  I would like to wish 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' to all my Chinese friends...Salam

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