Monday, February 28, 2011

Not a bad Monday afterall!

Oh! What a day I have today. It's didn't start on a good track. This morning, my husband forgot to take out my parking card from the other car. As per my morning routine before I leave for office, I will check my smart tag and parking card in the car. The smart tag was there but unfortunately, the parking card was missing. 

Since my husband was the one transferring all my things from the Grandis to my VW Golf, I called him.  "Yang, where did you put my parking card?" I asked him. "Oh!  I forgot to take it out. It's in the other car.," he said. "Where's the key?" I asked knowingly that he has taken the key with him. "It's with me," he said. "Argghhhh...The parking is going to cost me a bomb," I told him.

The traffic was good this morning and I reached office in time. I switched on my laptop, launched my email and was about to answer one important mail when my lappy decided to go on strike. It just went to freeze mode and few minutes later, the famous blue screen appeared.

"Damn!" I said. "Not my day I guess." It took few minutes for my laptop to be up again and by this time, it was almost 10am and I have to leave to go for my site visit by 10.30. So what can I do in 30 minutes? Nothing much.

Normally I charged my phone early in the morning but since I have problem with my laptop, I have no time to charge it. As a result, my battery was running low and I have to limit my usage of the phone. I was really frustrated because I can't follow the Academy Award result.

However, in the afternoon, my day started to change. I guess sometimes a good customer services can make your day. That's what happened to me when we went to our second site visit. The customer services were first class and the whole place was very warm and welcoming. You feel that you belong there. By the time we left, we were really impressed with their customer services.

By the time I reached office, it was 5pm. Since I was away for almost a day, definitely there were few things I need to do and I totally forgot that I didn't have my parking card. By the time I realised it, it was 7.15pm. "OMG! The parking is gonna to cost me a bomb," I said when I realised the time.  True enough, I have to pay RM40.00 for one day parking in KL Sentral and this is more expensive than parking in KLCC. 

But one thing I realised that even though it cost me a bomb, I didn't really feel upset. Maybe the warm welcome and the excellent customer services that I received earlier make me in a very good mood or else my hubby has to compensate my RM40.00.

So, how's your Monday today? Excellent? Lousy? or Bolehlah...


  1. My Monday's just starting, but I hope I find the joy in the day the way you did.

  2. Hope your Monday was wonderful and you reach your word counts target.