Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tale of the Land of No Name

One upon a time, in the land of no name, the people were very happy. They loved their king and worked hard day and night. Every night the people will meet at the town square where they will drink, sing and dance. The land was very green and the envy of many. 

One night while they were happily singing and dancing, someone came and shout, "Hear yea! Hear yea! The king will be leaving to the land of no return." 

"What? This cannot be true. We love our king," said Jack.
Everybody started talking. "Who is the new lord?" "Will the new lord be good to us?"

The people were worried but they continued to work hard until someone said, "The new king has been elected. We have a Queen now."

"Who?" shouted Peter to the news bearer.
"Oh! She came from the land from the North?"

Everybody waited anxiously for the Queen to arrive. Meanwhile, the people paid tribute to the King, wishing him all the best in his new home.

As the people said goodbye to the king, the Queen came in. Nobody introduced the Queen to the people. Since the people love the land very much, they welcome the Queen but the Queen turned her nose on the people.

"Damn, that Queen is a snobbish," said Mary. "I smiled to her but she looked away."
"Yeah, it happened to me too. I wished her but she ignored me," said Jane,

Everybody were talking about the new Queen. To the eye of the people, she was not as friendly as the King. The Queen continued to be aloof and not mixing with the people. She also implemented new rules which caused people to be unhappy. 

Changes after changes were implemented. People were not happy. They resented the changes. The once happy, green land's people become miserable and unhappy. One by one left the land going over to the much happier land.

"Why are you leaving, Jack?" asked Simon.
"Oh, I want to be in the place where I will be happy."

As the years passed by, more and more people leaving. The land has become darker, murkier and lot of angry people. The once envied land has become the land of unwanted.  People avoided going to the land.

The people were crying for help, guidance but the Queen continued to sit on her throne, Not once she visited the people and asked them. The people prayed to GOD for help, and hope the Queen will be replaced. Their prayer was answered. 

People started whispering among them. "Did you know the Queen will be leaving soon?"
"Really? Oh God. Thanks for answering my prayer!" cried the people.

They waited patiently for the news but nobody can confirmed it until someone shouted, "It's confirmed. The new King is coming."

The people started to talk excitedly, hoping the King will bring changes and bring back the glory on the golden day for the land of No Name....Welcome oh Lord to the land of No Name....


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