Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Land of No Name - Part 5

The Queen has left the Land of No Name for almost a year. She has done massive damage to the land and people. The new King was busy rebuilding the land, and had little time interacting with the people.

The people are still adapting to the new king. The old folks were still guessing how's the king works and how he reacted.

As he was rebuilding the land, he brought in his new generals and knights. Slowly the old generals, knights and soldiers felt left out.

"Huh! How long are we going to be treated like this? Aren't we deserved to be given something too?" sighed Matthew and looked at Simon.

Simon just shrugged his shoulder. He also felt sad that he and others have been left out. Under the old Queen, they have been sidelined because the old Queen favored certain group of people. No matter how hard he worked on his lands and produced the best crops, the Queen stills think that he was not good enough to oversee his group.

"I don't know how much more I can take this," he said while looking at his green fields. "Look at my fields. Every year I produced the best crops. I introduced and implemented a method that can yield better output, but no one recognized my effort."

"Yeah, you are right. Maybe they don't want us here. Maybe it is times to make a move. Let the newcomers do it. They got a better plot of lands and tools. Let them produced those crops for the king," said Paul bitterly.

They sat in silent, looking at the land, feeling sad that they might leave their lands and friends.

Weeks turned into months, and more new farmers and people moved to the Land of No Name. The group getting bigger, and the relationship between the newcomers and the old people were a little bit strained. The new people kept to themselves while the old people just looked and see whether the newcomers would make a move and  be their good and friendly neighbors.

The King sensed that the people were restless. He then called for a session with his people. A big tent was setup and foods were served. Most of the people came to hear what the King has to say.

The people saw there was a throne set right on the stage, but the King was not there. Suddenly, from among the crowd, the King walked right to the stage. He didn't wear his crown or his cloak. He dressed just like any of his knight. The people gasped when they saw him. What a simple and down to earth their king is.

He started his speeches and praised the people. He shared his plans and how he wanted to make the Land of No Name to be the once powerful land. Before he ends his speech, he told his people that don't be scared to see him.

“My dear people, I really wanted to know you,” he said. “I am always available for you. If you have anything that you wanted me to know or to seek advised, please come and see me. I wanted to help you, and make the Land of No Name become what it was before.”

His toned was very convincing. Lots of people including the old guards and people were happy with his plans and approach how to integrate the two groups.

Before he invited his people to eat, he had made an announcement that he had something for those whose make a great contribution to the Land of No Name. They were given some monetary award for their excellent contributions.

"Ahhh!... I never get any recognition from the old lady, but at least the King acknowledges my contribution," said Simon happily.

"I hope there would be more recognition given to the people," said John hopeful.

"Yea!" said all of them. At least now, there is hope in the Land of No Name. The hazy days are now slowly getting clear. The fogs have gone, and now the Sun is now shining above the Land of No Name.

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