Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Party and K-Pop

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Arda! Welcome to the 40’s club. It’s a good club.

On Saturday, her husband, Zali, threw a party to celebrate her birthday. He did it on Saturday because he wanted the rest of the family to join and celebrate the big day with him. Unfortunately, me and my husband didn’t make it to the party because my immediate neighbor has kenduri, but we sent our kids to join and celebrate the big day.

My kids were very excited because it has been quite some time since they been at their Mak Net’s house. They love to be at my sister house because they can swim and they can perform. True enough, when my sister Arda sent them back on Sunday morning, I received a full report on what they did.

Amir, Zaki, and Zara performed their K-Pop routine in front of my family members, and was joined by my grand niece, the Little Maryam. What a surprised because they are normally shy kids. But I guess they are no more shy kids and ready to show their skills.

Zaki has been practicing his dance routines every day without failed whereas Zara and Amir would only practice as and when they like. I wonder if they can be fully dedicated to their K-Pop, why can’t they be dedicated to practicing their music or to revising their studies. Hmmm…. I must find a way to make them practice their music and do their revisions.

Zara and Zaki also drew something for her favorite aunt and gave it to her as her birthday presents. You can see the different here. Zara is the better artist than Zaki. Agreed? All my kids seem to inherit the artistic side from their grand father except Amir, who is into sports. At least one of them followed my foot step. Sport!

Okay, it’s lunch time now, and my stomach is growling. Time to hunt for lunch.


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