Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's my little girl birthday.

Ahh.. My blog has been very quiet for the past few weeks. It's not that I have lost interest, but I have been very busy with my work and my family. Furthermore, my health has not been very good lately.

But I promised that I would try to update my blog at least once a week. It is better than nothing, right!

Well, on Sunday, it was my little girl's sixth birthday. She has been talking about it for days, but she didn't have any specified thing that she wants as her present. So on her big day, we decided to give her drawing materials since she likes to draw so much.

Heh! My old house in Kajang was full of her drawings. Whenever she got upset with me or her dad or her grandpa, she would just drew one big mark on the wall. Luckily, she didn't do it here in the new house; otherwise, it would be a child's gallery number two.

Oh ya! She did asked one thing from her dad. Sunglasses, but her dad didn't buy it for her. He said he couldn't find it, but hmmm...I'm sure. If he put an effort to go and find it, he definitely would get it. Huh Man!!!!

So my little princess cried until Syafiq has to pacify her. Syafiq is really a good, big brother. He knows how to handle her little sister. Since she's her daddy's girl, the father took us out to dinner at Pizza San Francisco. She asked where’s her cake, but we told her that it would be later after her ‘mengaji’ class.

We bought Tiramisu cake for her from Secret Recipe, and after her ‘mengaji’ class, together with her Ustaz, we wished her Happy Birthday. She was very happy. While waiting for the rest to finish their cake, Syafiq gave Zara her first present. Amir was giggling while Zaki was super excited, and so was Syafiq. Zara smiled, and she quickly tore the wrappers.

Her super excited diminished with what she saw. "Oh! Sabun (soap)", she said disappointedly and gave away the soap to Syafiq. Eventhough, she smiled, but she looked as if she wanted to cry. Syafiq, who has a soft spot for Zara, quickly told her that there were more gifts in the living room. She jumped from her chair and ran to the living room.

"Wah! Banyaknya (so many)," exclaimed Zaki.

As Zara opened her gifts one by one, Zaki got upset because he didn't get his present.

"Didn't we give you few things earlier?" I said.

"It was not many as Zara," he cried.

Well that the challenge of having kids, whose age gap are close to each other. Luckily, my little princess was willing to share her presents and gave him one of her drawing materials to her brother. Well, she still has so many other things and the most treasured gift was the Angry Bird Soft toy from Syafiq. She took it with her to bed.

Zara, ibu wish you Happy Sixth Birthday. Semoga Allah jadikan Zara anak dan juga muslimah yang soleh, dan di kurniakan dengan segala kejayaan di dunia dan juga di akhirat. Amin.

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