Friday, July 6, 2012

Boy's Wedding - Day 3

The reception at my sister's house was on 2nd June, one week after the reception at the bride's family. My sister has asked us to come back earlier to help her. Unfortunately, I didn't go back earlier as I planned as I was stuck with some urgent matters that I need to attend to.

On Friday evening, we headed back to Seremban. My husband sent us back first, My husband and Syafiq joined us on Saturday morning. Before hitting the highway to Seremban, we made few stops at the shop selling "baju melayu" looking for silver color baju melayu for Zaki. He was the "bunga manggar"'s boy, and since the color theme is silver, we need to get a pair for him.

Unfortunately, none of the shops have silver baju melayu that fit him. My hubby then decided to go back to the house to get the baju melayu from the last raya. By the time, we reached Seremban it was almost maghrib and I called my mom to make sure that the house was not locked.

After the prayer, we went to my sister's house. Everything was ready, There was nothing much left for us to do except chit chatting. My sister cooked a simple meal for dinner, but it was so good that it was not enough. She has to get the maid to cook some more. Oh ya! Two doors away from my sister's house, a special prayer was held. Her neighbor passed away during the day.

After dinner, we went back to my mom house, and all the kids decided to sleep at my mom house. So you can imagine how noisy is the house. They played all kind of games in my mom's small abode. I tried to get Zara and Zaki to go to bed earlier, but they pretended not to hear or see me. At 11pm only, Zara came and said she's sleepy whereas Zaki cut his thigh. After cleaned up the wound, all three of us called it a night, Amir was still going strong watching TV with his aunties and uncles.

The next morning, everybody woke up earlier than usual. Breakfast was ready by the time I went to the kitchen, and it was fantastic. It was a home cooked breakfast, but some were purchased from restaurants and stalls. By 10am, most of us were already heading to our sister's house except for mom, Arda and Zali who were waiting for the bride's side. The newlyweds were using my mom's place for them to rest and to get ready for the reception.

At 1pm, the newlyweds arrived. They stopped 7 houses away from my sister's house. The flower girls and the bunga manggar boys and the photographers quickly join the newlywed. Little Mariam, the youngest and cutest flower girl, was still sleepy when her mom dragged her out to be with other girls.

The short walked was enough to make Mariam opened up her eyes and joined the other flower girls. She was happy holding her basket of flowers. There was no "silat pencak" at my sister house. So when they reached the house, they were directed to the dias ("pelamin") inside the house.

After they had settled on the "pelamin", the "merenjis" (blessing) events started. This time I got to do the blessing too. In returns, I was given the "telur bunga paha".

The bride's side and the newlyweds were then invited to have their lunch after the blessing. My sister Zura was in-charge at the high table. She was busy coordinating and ensuring everything in place.

The wedding ceremony came to the end when the newlyweds cut the cake. After the cake cutting session, it was the photography session. But before the photography session, the four parents sat together. It was the moment when the bride's parent requesting my sister and my brother in law to treat their daughter as their own, and to guide her. Heh! Will I get to do that for my little girl? Insya Allah.

During the photography session, everyone wanted to capture the happy moment. To Boy and Ain, congratulations! Selamat Pengantin Baru.

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