Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boy's Wedding Day 2 - Part 2

After the akad nikah, the bride’s family invited us back to their place for some refreshments. Well, it was past the lunch time, and everyone was hungry. So we were happy to get the invitation.

The bride’s house is not far from the  surau. It was about five minutes drives. When we reached there, the place was packed with guests having their lunch. Since it was a hot day, everybody was trying to find shaded place to park the car. I was lucky to get to park my car under the rambutan trees, but the red ants army was on the trees. I told my kids to be careful.

Across the road, there are many durian trees with fruits hanging on it. The young kids, my kids especially, were excited because they never seen durian trees before, and the adults were excited hoping that we could get to eat durian too. But, unfortunately, the durian fruits decided to stay up on the tree.

There were also a little stream next to the road, and guess what? Little Mika rushed to the stream, but before he reached there, his maid managed to grab him. Otherwise, he would be swimming in that little stream.

Before we walked to the tent, we were told that we would be served twice. “Twice?” I said. I happily walked to the food and helped my little girl first before I filled up my plate. The food was good especially the desserts. I love the bubur pulut hitam, the cakes, cookies and all other sweet things that they served.

After we had our  lunch, we regrouped at the house where we parked our cars. Actually it was just next door to the bride’s house. My nephew got ready for the bersanding. He only needed to change his headgear and samping. When he was ready, we again stands under the hot sun behind the groom who has the best man holding an umbrella for him.

Together with us was the kompang boys who were playing kompang, and standing fifty feet away was the bride, waiting for the groom. We walked towards the bride, and when my nephew reached his wife, they stood next to each other and walked to the bride’s house for the bersanding.

I thought they would walk straight into the house, but before we reached the door, there was two chairs put side by side facing the guests. The bride and the groom were seated there for the guests to see them and also for the bersilat event, which the guy who performed silat welcomes the newlyweds.

After the bersilat, they went inside the house, but I decided to sit outside as my back was slowly giving me some pain. The bersanding is the event where the bride and the groom sits on the dais and the relatives members and friends will pay respects and wish them congratulations. Those who pay the respects will be given bunga telor as a thank you from the newlyweds.

Once the bersanding over, we were invited again to have our lunch. We were placed at the special tents where specially prepared food for the newlyweds was served. I didn’t eat the rice, but I did enjoy the fish, the kerabu mangga and the vegetables. Again, they have nice desserts. We were given a telur pindang. The telur pindang was packed in the nice container.

At 3pm, we made our way back to the neighbor's house, ready to go back to Seremban, but for me, I have to rush backed to Bangi as I wanted to see Syafiq who came back from his one week stays in UNITEN.

The drive back was smooth except when we reached the Senawang – Seremban stretched. It was jam. I made a quick exit at Port Dickson tol and took LEKAS to head back to Bangi.

On the way to LEKAS highway, we passed by my old school King George V, and I proudly pointed to my kids that the school was an old school and also the only school during my time to have a swimming pool. They didn’t believe me.

By the time, I reached Bang I was very tired and sleepy but happy that (a) I made it home safely, (b) saw my son, (c) bought some clothes (d) enjoyed the trip to Tangkak.

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