Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Izwan aka Boy's Wedding - Day 1

My nephew got married to a Tangkak girl on 27th May, 2012. Like any other Malay wedding, it was held over two weekends, but the preparation and involvement from other family members started way before that.

When the wedding date was finalized, a month before the actual date, my brother in law called us for a family meeting. He wanted to involve all of us in this wedding, which we were happy to be involved. The meeting is more on planning for the logistics, transports and other matters that need our attention.

Bang Ngah was officially elected to be the spokesman during the ceremony, and my youngest sister and brother in law was tasked to look for the place for us to stay. Along also informed us that the theme for the wedding is dark gray.

It was also decided in the meeting that the Bunga Manggar boys were my son, Zaki and Emil, my grandnephew while the flowers girls were Zara, my little girl, Naimah and Mariam, both are my grandniece. My sister also informed us that there will be 'doa selamat' to be held on 25th May, 2012 after the Isyak prayer..

After the family meeting, everybody carried out their small little tasks for the event. My sister, Arda and Zali, went to Tangkak to scout for a place for us to stay. Initially they wanted to rent the Homestay, but my mom over ruled that. After checking out few other places, they found the right place for all of us to stay. It was a nice, small motel called D'Anjung Inn. It was clean and spacious and cheap. She quickly booked about eleven rooms for us.

When Friday came, I looked forward to the ‘majlis doa selamat’, but I missed it. I reached Seremban late because I was stuck in MM until almost 7pm, and when I left KLCC, the traffic was already bad. I reached home after 8pm, and quickly get my kids to get ready to go back to Seremban.

At 9pm, we left Bangi, me and my three small kids plus my mother in law, thought of taking KL-Seremban Highway but changed my plan before I reached Kajang Exit. Thanks to twitter, I found out that there’s a traffic jam from Nilai – Seremban. I quickly made a turn to SILK Highway and took LEKAS to go back to Seremban.

Thanks to LEKAS, it only took us about less than 45 minutes to reach Seremban, but by then the kenduri was already over. Heh! No problem as long as there was food, I’m happy. After having my dinner, I joined my other family members discussion on the trip to Tangkak.

At first we wanted to go in the morning, but since the journey is only less than 2 hours, we decided to travel after the Zohor prayer. My two boys decided to sleep at my sister house, whereas my little girl followed me back to my mom house. The next morning, my sister invited us to have breakfast at her place. We had fried rice, some kuih muih and tea for breakfast.

Saturday morning 26th May 2010

At 10am, my sister wanted to get daun sirih and wire for the ‘hantaran’ (gifts). I volunteer to drive her as I need to go to bank too. We were joined by my two younger sisters, Ami and Zura. Instead of a short trip, we spent two hours shopping, and I bought few blouses for me.

After the Zohor prayer, everybody gather at my sister place, and we waited and waited for everyone to be around. My niece, who went back to KL to fetch her husband, was stuck in KL due to very bad traffic jam on the highway.  

Finally at 3.30pm, we decided to make the move first. My car was full of kids, including the cute little 2years old Mariam who wanted to join the big kids. The trip to Tangkak was fun for the kids, noisy and a lot of shouting and playing. They kept us, me and my sister, awake.

Alhamdulillah, nothing happened throughout our trip to Tangkak. We reached there at 5pm, and after a short stop over at Tangkak tol, we headed to the motel. Along Kasbi, who waited for us at the toll, lead the way to the motel.

When we reached the motel, I saw Arda busy handling out the key and answering the questions and demands from us She gave me the room on the ground floor it was one big room. After settling down, we went out for a drink at the nearby stall. After few debates, we finally decided to have our dinner there too.

The food was good, and I like the Ikan Tiga Rasa’. My kids love the omelettes. I didn’t linger after the dinner as I need to catch the Magrib prayer. We also made arrangement to go shopping and to meet at the parking lot.

At 8.30pm, I left my room and joined the group at the parking lot. I thought everyone wanted to go shopping, but it was not. They were looking for durian. Since I’m not that crazy about durian, I decided to join my mom and aunty to go shopping. So the five of us, my sisters, my mom and aunty headed to Tangkak town to shop.

It didn’t take us long to reach the town, but, unfortunately, the shops in Tangkak closed early. By 9pm, most of the shops were getting ready to close except one shop. We hurried to the shops and the owner must be laughing his way to bank the next day. We bought a lot. I alone bought eight pieces of cloths, but not all are for me.

By the time, we reached back to hotel it was almost 10pm, and I found out my kids and their cousins were playing at the parking lot. I have to shoo them back to the room, and everybody was knocked out within 20 minutes.

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To be continued.

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