Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Starting new life...

My son is now starting a new phase in his life, as a college student. He is now in Uniten, staying in the hostel as required by the university. Well, Uniten is not that far from my house. It is about 15-20 minutes drives depending on the traffic.

Well, I believe Allah has answered their prayers. I remembered few months ago, before heading to the lala land, my husband was saying that he hoped that Syafiq would get into the nearby university. "Hmm, why?" I asked curiously. "Easier to go and see him."

Well for Syafiq, he always wanted to be independent and to stay in the hostel. "Why," I asked. "I wanted to be independent." So both of their prayers were answered.

So, on Saturday 19th May, dressed smartly in black pants, white shirt and blue stripe tie, he went to UNITEN to register himself as a new student. Well he didn't go on his own. He was accompanied by his dad, mom and his favorite sister, Zara.

We reached there at 10.30am, and the place were already full of people. It looks like carnival at the admission hall. Parents, grandparents, who are proud of their grandchildren entering university, brothers, sisters and maybe cousins or friends.

We had to wait for two hours before he came out from the hall, smiling, carrying a UNITEN back pack, his student's id and his apartment key. We then left the admission hall and headed to his apartment, which was quite a distance. We have to drive further in  to reach his apartment, and I was surprised to see that the campus was beautiful. I told my hubby maybe I would come again to take some photo.

There were many signboards to direct us to the apartment, and when we reached the apartment, we were directed by the committee members on where to park the car. When I looked at his key, he was assigned to Block D, third floor. Since the apartment is a walk up apartment, there was no lift.

"O oh! Can ibu gets to the third floor?" I asked Zara," who helped to carry his big brother pillow.

"Boleh," she said and waited for me at he first floor.

Alhamdulillah, I made it to his room. Slow and steady, and my back was okay. When he opened the door, my husband first remark was, "Dusty. Need to clean and mop the floor first." We went in to his room. It is a small room, and he is sharing with another guy. He didn't look so happy when he saw the room. He was disappointed that the apartment facilities were really basic, bed, table, chair, cupboard and sofa to sit and rest at the living room.

The kitchen was not bad as it has kitchen cabinet and an island for them to eat. Unfortunately, no chairs there. I guessed if they want to eat, they can eat on the floor, cross-legged.

My hubby disappeared for a short while and returned with a feather duster, mop and a sweep. Haha, Syafiq first task at his new place was sweeping the floor. He was lucky. No mopping as his  roommates started to come.

Since he has no activities in the afternoon, we took him home first. We thought of  sending him back on Sunday morning and help to clean his room, but somehow at 5pm, he said there's a briefing for all residence, and he wanted to attend. Quickly, my husband sent him back to Uniten, but hubby didn't get to help him clean the room.  Zara also cried when Syafiq left. She and Syafiq are close, and Syafiq likes to kiss her. He always gives Zara kisses before she went to bed, and before she left for school. Not only Zara going to miss the kiss, me too...

Well, frankly speaking, I miss him too. Every morning before I left for work, he would play his  guitar,  updates me on his activities, and help me to keep the house in order. Allhamdulillah, he is not that far. I will be seeing him regularly as the plan is he will come back on the weekend. I bet he will bring back his dirty laundry.

Okay before, I go, here is from Syafiq Safe and Sound, his favorite singer Taylor Swift.

Safe and Sound by Syafiq 


  1. Congrats Syafiq n to the proud parents....Is that Zara yang buat peace tu....She's so cute...

  2. Thanks. Yes that is Zara. My one and only girl.