Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boy's Wedding - Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 Part 1- At Tangkak

Everyone woke up early. My kids were very excited to see their cousin getting married. My niece knocked on my door and asked us out for breakfast. Everyone was ready except for of the teenagers who decided that the pillows were better than breakfast.

My brother in laws and my sisters have scouted the place for breakfast earlier. It was about a kilometer from the D'Anjung Inn. As we passed by, we were impressed with the big bungalow houses at the area.

My sisters have chosen a roadside stall for us to have breakfast. The place, which was previously empty, was full of us. All the tables were occupied except for one table, which we left for other people. The curry puff, popiah, roti canai were the favorites among us. Oh! The breakfast was also free. Thanks to my niece, Fara and her friends, who decided to treat us for breakfast.

Fara, Terima kasih daun keladi. Lain kali boleh lagi, ya.

Since we have to check out by 12, I spent my morning packing my things and also showed my mother in law the clothes that I bought the previous night. Luckily, there was not many things to pack. While I was busy packing, my Along came and wanted to discuss something with me.

My mom in law was in the room, so I left and joined her in her room. When I went there, my brother in law was eating 'durian', and I joined him.

In our discussion, we also decided to keep two rooms for late checked out. After my discussion, I went back to finish up my packing, and got ready for the akad nikah event.

By 11.40am, everybody was ready to go. My bags were already in the car. Amir, suddenly becomes a big brother. He helped to carry the bag to the car, and took charged of his younger sibling.

Before we headed to the surau, my nephew came down to his mom room looking for help. Yeah! No matter how old you are, you will always look for mom for advised or help.

He came down with his songket samping and asked my sister why the threads are not even and smooth. My sister looked at it and turned the samping inside out. Heh! He got it wrong. Nervous maybe! We just smiled and left him to get ready.

Since the akad nikah is scheduled to be at 12pm, we left the Inn just before 12pm, and all the cars convoyed to the surau. When we reached there, there was no one greeting us. After waiting for a few minutes, finally someone from the area came and invited us in. We laid all the seven gifts and waited for the bride.

My nephew looked nervous and anxious. Nervous, as he has to go through the akad nikah, and nervous because the bride's side was still not at the surau We took the opportunity to take pictures with the groom. After about ten minutes, then the bride's family came, and then the imam.

For the akad nikah, they have prepared a special cushion for the bride and groom to sit. It was placed next to the imam in front of everyone. The imam called my nephew to sit next to him. Joining him were witnesses to the akad nikah and also the best man and my Bang Ngah and Zali.

The imam opened up his laptop and crossed checked some of the data on the forms. When I saw that, I just went, "Whoa!". Everything is now all linked up via technology. By this time, the bride has still not come. After waiting for few more minutes, the bride appeared, and I can see my nephew was relieved.

Before the akad nikah started my mother cried. I didn't ask her why she was crying, but the only conclusion that I can make is that she is happy to see her favorite grandson getting married, and at the same time feel sad that my father was not with us to see my nephew getting married.

When everybody had settled down, the Imam started by greeting us with”Assalamualaikum’ and proceeded to recite few verses from the Quran and later translated and explained to us the meaning.

Once he has finished the tazkirah, the bride's father got up and walked to the groom and sat in front of him. The bride's father was going to marry off his daughter to my nephew. For the benefits of everyone, both wore microphones so that everyone can listen to the wedding vow.

At this stage, my sister cried. Two days earlier, she shared with me that when she her daughter married, she was very happy to receive a son in law, but when she going to get a daughter in law she felt a little bit sadness.

As part of the akad nikah ritual, my nephew holds his father in law hand in a handshake manner. When all ready, everybody was quite. Then the father in law recited the akad and my nephew answered the akad in one single breath. Once done, the Imam then asked the witness whether the vow was accepted. All the witnesses agreed.

My nephew was relieved as he only needs to go through single vow. There is an occasion where some of the nervous groom will have to repeat the akad multiple times until the witnesses accept the vow.

The Imam then asked my nephew whether he wanted to perform ‘sujud syukur’ before he continued with the rest of the ceremony. My nephew nodded, and proceeds to do that. After my nephew had finished with the sujud syukur, the imam called him and his wife to sit facing each other.

Then, the imam passed him a taqliq for my nephew to read. Taqliq is a declaration from the man to the wife. It said that if he goes missing for four consecutive months without leaving any news of his whereabouts and doesn't give anything to the wife, money and other things, the marriage will be dissolved. This declaration was read in front of the wife so that the wife will know her rights.

My nephew and his wife then signed all the papers, and he proceeded to hand over the mas kahwin or dowry of RM1000 to his wife before putting the wedding ring on her finger. His wife then kissed his hand.

To be continued.

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