Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dream and take the big leap.

I left office early today with Yati as she was hungry. She didn’t has her lunch so we decided to go to The Treats. Yati ordered Prawn Mee and hot Barley whereas I ordered toast and teh tarik. That was my dinner.

As we were enjoying our food, we discussed about work. Both of us have the same mutual feeling that we are already tired of working. Time to explore the alternative and taking the big leap.

Do I dare? Well, if coming to work is no more fun, I guess it is worth exploring all the options. The first thing that came to our mind is to run our own business. Be our own boss.

We discussed about opening a restaurant. This is one of the businesses if the foods are good and the location is strategic, the returns will be good. But in this business, you need to know how to cook. You cannot rely on someone to cook for you else you will be in trouble. They can just decide to go and leave you in lurch. Aaahhh….am I a good cook? Don’t know but my cooking is good enough for my family. Do I really want to be in this business? Uhmm highly unlikely.

Actually I have other plans. It has nothing to do with my current experience in IT and you can say that books, stationeries and food features in my dream. But what it is, I can’t reveal yet. Just wait and see whether it will materialize. It might happen and it might not. Maybe I need the extra push to make my dream happens. But first I need to convert my idea into papers which I have been sitting on it for so long.

Geee…I wish there is someone will help me here with the paperwork. Any volunteer?  Hahaha…nobody will one in his/her right mind will want to do for free but I can pray, right?

Okaylah, before I reveal more on my plan, I better stop here. To all of you have a nice day. Bye..Salam. 

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