Saturday, March 26, 2011

To all mothers out there...

My kids like to sing this song, ‘IBU’ or mother to me. Sometimes when they saw me sitting on the sofa looking tired, they will come and sit next to me singing the song. Normally it will be Zara and Zaki but occasionally Amir will join them.

Every time they sing the song, mostly half way only, it will make me smile and all the tiredness and problem will disappear.

The song also reminds me of my first time singing karaoke. I was with my previous company and we were having an off-site meeting in Port Dickson. After a long day of meeting and brain storming, the big boss said, “Okay we will have Karaoke tonight. Everybody have to sing.

I tried to avoid going to the karaoke but I can’t as my team was waiting for me. Everybody selected their songs except a few who were like me. After sometimes, my boss said, “Zai, have you selected your song?”  I just shook my head and he said,” Do you want me to select for you?”  “No, thank you. I’ll choose myself,” I said.

After flipping through the list, I decided to sing IBU together with two more ladies. The three of us are all mothers. Huh! I never sing in public before. It was disaster. Our voices were very soft and one by one the guys joined us. By the time we finished singing, the whole group sang with us.

Okay here it is. Enjoy the song.

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