Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As I......

As I was on medical leave yesterday, I feel today like Monday. My brain was eager to start the day but my body was not ready

As I was getting reading to work, my hubby called and told me not to follow SILK Highway as it was jammed until the toll booth. He told me to take the alternative route which means I have to take Bangi exit to avoid the jam.

As I was sitting down having my breakfast, Zaki came to the kitchen. “Ibu, I’m hungry,” he said and I told him to sit while I get him the mini bun and milo for him. We had a nice breakfast together.

As I was about to leave for work, Zaki came and asked me to pray for him for his first term exam today. “Ibu always pray for you and others but you must also study. So go and do your revision after this,” I told him. He kissed me and waved me from the door.

As I was reaching Sg Besi Tol, I saw traffic was slow moving towards KL. To avoid the jam, I turned to KESAS Highway and then exit to MEX Highway before exiting back to KL-Seremban Highway. My quick thinking saved me and I reached office as usual.

As I was having lunch, I received SMS from my sister, Norlia. The message, “MOM operation will be on 2nd April. Doctor said to remove all and no chemo needed. Only need to take medicine. Let’s do special prayer before the operation.” I replied, “Yes, let’s do it.” As you know, my mom was detected with breast cancer in September last year and after few months, the growth is getting bigger. As a result, doctor has advised her to do complete removal of her breast. Please prays for her.

As I reached home, the house was very quite. All four of them were upstairs. The moment they heard me, they rushed down, hugging and kissing me. All my tiredness and problems disappeared.

As I was writing this, three of them are already sleeping. The eldest is still  up doing his revision and preparing for his exam tomorrow and to you wherever you are, have a good day!