Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blues

Today was a very slow Monday in the office. Everybody was kind of in black mood. No greetings, no laughing and no smiling.  Is it because of Monday everybody in this mood? Hmmm…. very unusual because even though Monday, there will be always someone who in the cheerful mood.

But not today. At first I thought it was due to early Monday morning but as the day progressed, the office was still quiet. Only one or two persons were active. By the time lunch hour, most of them just ‘tapau’ the food from the food stalls at the basement.

As for myself and my BFF, instead of tapau, we had our lunch there. The place was packed as usual but we managed to get a place for us. I had my nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah and Teh-‘O’ iced while my BFF had Fried Mee Hoon and Teh-tarik. Hmmm..the fried mee hoon didn’t look good at all and she didn’t finished it.

As the day progress, the situation still didn’t change. Everybody was still not in a good moody except for a few. It was kind of weird that I didn’t hear any laughters or jokes throughout the days. Instead what I heard was angry words and angry conversation.

This negative feeling was seeping into everybody and by the time 6pm, people were already ready to go. Those I met in the lift have one common thing to say, “I’m tired.”

Hey folks it is only Monday and we have another four more days to go through this week. Can we change the negative feeling to positive feeling? Let’s be happier so that we won’t feel the tension and the stress. Can we?

Okay, I hope the positive energy will replace the negative energy and let’s pray the place will be lively from tomorrow onwards…salam.

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