Thursday, March 17, 2011

When the kids have fun!

I was on leave yesterday. Yup took a day off to spend time with the kids. It’s a school holiday and they have been staying at home with nothing to do. When I told them that I’m on leave, they were very excited to have mommy at home.

They didn’t know that I have made some planned earlier. Since Syafiq had his Math tuition in Saujana until 12pm, we decided to have our lunch there. By the time we reached Saujana, most of the foods were already finished, So the kids only had rice and chicken soup without chicken.

After lunch, we went to our old house to collect our mails. We were sad to see the house. A house that used to be happy and noisy is now empty and quiet. Oh! I need to fix it and rent it out and make it lively again.

Then I told my kids that we are going to Alamanda, Putrajaya. “Alamanda?” they asked. “You guys want to go karaoke, movie or bowling,” I asked.

Zaki, who loves to sing said, “Karaoke.” “Bowling,” said Amir who is into sport. The other two also said bowling.

When we reached Alamanda, the parking was quiet empty. Lots of free parking but when I went in, there were so many people, mainly teenagers and young children. When we entered the bowling center, all the lanes were fully occupied. We have to wait but it was not long. The kids were so excited because they never bowl before except Syafiq.

We were given the first lane. I was thankful because knowing my kids they will be all over the place and shouting. I also asked the attendance to put the guard rails between the gutters. If without those guard rails, I guess all of them will score zero.

The first to bowl was Syafiq. Not a good one and followed by Amir. For a first timer, he has the style but not the throw. Zaki next and this guy just simply throw it on the lane. The ball went zig zagging on the lane but his first throw was a strike. Then it was Zara turns. Her fingers are too small to fit in the hole and when she wanted to throw, the ball dropped on the floor. I told her to use both hands to roll the ball. Heh! Her ball went slow and steady and it seems ages before it struck the pin. Yet she managed to get a strike and few spares. After all the kids had their turned, it was mommy’s turns and I didn’t do well either. 

The kids were really having fun and the final score is Syafiq 104, Amir 99, Zaki 88, Zara 98 and me 100. The kids wanted to continue to play but others were waiting to play.

After we left the bowling alley, we went to Baskin Robbin for ice-cream. The kids were really enjoying it and when we reached home, it was 5.45pm. Zara said, “Ibu, after ayah went to work tomorrow, can we do this again?” I told her,”No sayang, ibu has to go to work. Ayah will be home tomorrow. Why not ask ayah?” 

Haha I know their dad has another plan already but it nothing to do with bowling or Alamanda. Let them find out what is in store for them.

Sekian- Wassalam.

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