Thursday, March 24, 2011

I didn't panic

On Wednesday, there was another drama in my family. I was in the office and just about to settle in and started my day when Zaki called me and said that his stomach was in pain.

Actually Zaki has been having stomach pain since Saturday and we have taken him to see doctor on Sunday. The initial diagnosed was that it might be appendix and doctor said that if he still in pain, to take him back to hospital.

On Monday night, I asked him if he still has the pain. He said, “Yes but not so painful.” But on Tuesday night, Amir told me that he saw Zaki clutching his stomach at school. Zaki said it was very painful that's why he didn't join his friends during recess.

As a cool person, I didn’t panic and rush him to hospital. I suggested that we put some ointment first and see how it goes. And when I did rub it on his tummy, he said he felt better and that night he can sleep.

On Wednesday before I left for work, I asked him again, “Are you okay? Any more pain?” and he replied, “No pain.” So off I went to work happily knowing that he was getting better. But by 10.30am, the first call came.

“Ibu, my tummy hurts,” he said sounded in pain. “Did you take your medicine?” I asked and his replied, “Yes.”

“Okay, lie down and rest,” I told him. “I can’t. Can I not go to school today,” he asked me. “Hmmm…okay, let’s wait until 12 before we decide on that?” I said. He put down the phone and 30 minutes later another call came in. Every single call that came in later, he sounded in pain but I still didn't rush home.

At 12pm, I checked his condition with my father-in-law and I was told he was not in a good shape. I told him I will come back after I finish the letter that I was working on.

But that simple task took me almost one hour to finish. Thanks to the printer! It took me ten times to try before it printed to the format I want. By the time, I left office, it was almost 2pm and I went to have my lunch first. Did I enjoy my lunch? Heh! No because every 2 minutes either Zaki or Zara will be calling me and asking when will I reached home. After 10 calls, I just ignored them and slowly eating my food.

Well, I took him to hospital and we were there for more than 2hours. The doctor did the urine and blood test and both were okay and she ruled out appendix. She said that he has an acute colic problem. As of now, he is still in pain. 


  1. Zai, last year my 3rd daughter had her appendix out. At first doc said that since the urine and blood test proof negative it would probably be just colic and asked us to go home and to come again if the pain increases but I was adamant to get her admitted that very night. I told them that I don't want to go thru all the hassle again before seeing a doc at the hosp. They had to obliged :)

    The next morning doc gave us the choice of doing the appendectomy done after briefing us the there's a possibility that there was nothing wrong with her appendix. After discussion with my hubby, we decided to do it.

    Alhamdulillah we made the right choice because apparently her appendix was about to burst by then.