Saturday, March 5, 2011

Singing is their new hobby!

Ummm..My 7 years old, Zaki,  has a new hobby. Singing! He seems to know more and more Malay songs than anyone of us in this house. He must be learning this from his school mates

A month ago, he came back with Tomok’s song, Berlari. He obsessively searched for the song on You Tube and he copied the lyrics of the song. For weeks, he practiced the song and in fact sang it in front of his class. No doubt the song is quite catchy and it kind of grew on me. Below is the song by Tomok. 

Now he is no more into Tomok. It’s a new singer that I never heard of. Aliff Aziz and his current favorite song is called Sayang, Sayang, Sayang. Last night he asked me to copy the lyrics and has been singing it this morning. Below is the Sayang, Sayang, Sayang by Aliff. 

When  Zaara heard him, she also wanted the song. Heh! Ended up that I have to copy the lyrics for her too. Since morning, both of them have been practicing this song and Zaara has taken one step up. Singing and also playing her guitar even though it is out of tune, it is still nice to hear her trying to strum to the song.

I just smile looking at them It made my Saturday morning lively and joyful.

Happy Saturday…Salam

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