Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My mom the jail warden

Today the Ministry of Education released the SPM’s result. I guessed some of the candidates didn’t sleep last night worrying about their results. Actually, I didn’t know the result was out today until one of my office’s colleagues excitedly informed that her son scored 10A+. Yup he aced all the subjects. Congratulations to him.

As a kapochi person, I SMS two of my friends asking about their kids. One came back with 7As and 2Bs whereas the other one said her daughter got ‘masyarakat majmuk’ (mixed results) but still passed. Both parents were happy with the results.

When I met my son this evening, I asked him how his school performed in last year exams. He said, not many people scored straight As but the good news is only few failed. ‘Not bad,” I said.

As some of you might know, my son will be sitting for SPM this year and I hope he will be successful as my friends’ children. Thirty-two years ago, I went through the same pain as these kids. Under pressure to perform well especially when you know your cousins and neighbours were also taking the same exam. But I have to thank my mom. She was the driving force of my success. She was like the jail warden.

She made sure that I studied and every morning at 4.30am without failed, she will knocked on my room's door. She made sure I sat at the dining table and studied. If not, water will be sprinkled on my face. She's one fierce lady but now she has mellow a lot.

If my mom didn’t do that, I’m not sure what I will be today. Maybe married at a young age, have babies and be a grandmother by now? It’s possible right? Will I do the same thing to my son? Heh!  Maybe.

To Syafiq, Minnie, Syahmie, Ridzuan and Angah stay healthy, do your revision constantly and whatever it is please don’t give up. Let’s pray that you guys will ace the exam.



  1. If they don't behave, can I be the one to dash ice water in their faces??

  2. Jeffe, you can but you have to go to 5 different houses. You have broomstick, right?

  3. Takkanlah macam jail warden? Maybe staff nurse kat hospital ;) So ur Shafiq is sitting for SPM this year? All the best to Ibu and son!

    Putt M.

  4. Putt, memang macam jail warden..Kalau staff nurse dia check aja. Tanya Achik. Kami mangsa.