Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on Driveathon

Well here is the update on the Driveathon. If you have not read my earlier post on it, you can read it here.
Well, what can I say when mother nature has different plan. Instead of bright and sunshine day, it was raining heavily this morning and when it rains, it means everybody will be late due to traffic jam. That was what happened to me! 
I left home at 6.50am because I planned to meet Yati, Janice and Tee at 8am for breakfast at KL Sentral. Since it was raining, I dropped Amir off at his school first before heading to Saujana to drop Syafiq. I thought that it will not jam because it was very early but I was wrong. On the way to Saujana, on the opposite side, I saw the jam started from Sungai Chua itself. 
After I dropped Syafiq, I made a quick called to my hubby asking him the alternate route to KL. He proposed Grand Saga Highway but when it rains, the highway is far worst than SILK Highway. I decided to proceed with SILK Highway and as expected I was caught in the jam for 45 minutes. 
At 8am, Janice called, "Hey dear, where are you?"  I replied, "Still at Kajang and I'm stuck in a jam." I SMS Yati and told her I will be late. She replied, "Me too."
I reached KL Sentral at 9am and headed to La Cucur where the three was waiting at me. I had nasi lemak, kuih bakar and teh-tarik for my breakfast. When I finished my breakfast, it was 9.25am. I said, "Let's go!" and we headed not to the car but to toilet first.
Since Tee and Janice didn’t know the way, they decided to follow me. Luckily from KL Sentral to the starting point only took us less than ten minutes.   
I drove slowly as we have to make 15 calls per round. After every call, I have to tell Yati the name of the place. Therefore I was quite busy looking for the landmark and the name of the place. It just took us less than 30 minutes to reach our end point. In the first round, I missed the turned and ended up in UNITEN.I have to make a quick called back to the route owner to get the right way back to KL. 
As we were heading for second round, Janice called me and told Tee was not feeling well. I was told that he vomited and they then changed role after that. 
When I reached my start point for round two, I was already felt tired. The day has slowly getting hotter. Luckily Yati brought chewing gum and gave me one piece. It helped to keep me awake. 
I missed the turning point again in the second round. If the first round, I went to UNITEN, the second round, I took a different exit and ended up I have to drive for another one KM before I can made my turn back to KL. By this time, Yati already was feeling unwell.  
When we reached the Loke Yew roundabout for round three, Yati told me she felt like vomiting and true enough when I stopped at the Shell Petrol Station she vomited. We have to stop and cleaned the car before we can proceed. Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to stop at Mines Resort for our lunch break. 
We were there for 1½ hour and once both of us felt okay, we continued our driveathon. This time, we found the right turn and headed back to KL for the fourth round. By 2.50pm we completed all the 60 calls as required. No major issued found on the network and I was also glad that there was no major mishap or accident happened. It was a successful driveathon for us. 
When I reached KL Sentral, we were too tired to go back to office. We took a 30 minute breaks at Coffee Bean and by then my headache started. I SMS my boss and informed him that I won’t be coming to office and headed home. 

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