Friday, March 18, 2011

A balance work life is important!

I took leave on Wednesday and Thursday, just to spend my time with the kids. After two days with them, they wanted me to stay home today but due to work commitment, I didn't.

I met Yati for breakfast. She also just got back from leave. I told her there was someone died in the office yesterday and she told me who was the person. Then as I was catching up with my mail, I saw an email from HR on the demise of the staff. It was so sad. He died due to heart failure.

Sometimes when I think about it, life is cruel. Just imagine, yesterday morning before he left for office, he was in good condition. Neither his wife nor his kids suspected that they will be saying goodbye and see him alive for the last time.

When I really think about this, it makes me realize that work is not everything. Our life, our health and our family are more important than work. It is time for me to have a healthy lifestyles. Anybody want to join me? Yes? No?

Okay, let’s exercise and eat healthily. Let's have a balance work life so that we can enjoy more time with our loves one. And hmmm…when should I start my exercise? Is tomorrow too soon?



  1. Ateh-I support u! - dikna

  2. Jom kita berehat lebih dari bekerja, nak tak?