Monday, March 28, 2011

Conversation with Monday

Me: “Is it you Sunday?”
Monday: “No, it’s me, Monday.”
Me: “Oh! What happened to Sunday?”
Monday: “He left”
Me: “When?” (Opening my eyes slowly)
Monday: “At midnight, while you were sleeping.”
Me: “Why are you here, Monday? I don’t like you. Why can’t Sunday be here longer?”
Monday: “Sunday has other peoples he likes to visit. Whether you like me or not, I am here.”
Me: “Why when I was young, Sunday seems to be longer?”
Monday: “You know why? Because when you were young, you have no responsibilities. Everyday was a fun day to you. You spent most of your time playing, watching TV and occasionally study. You have nothing to worry. Today, you have your own responsibilities. Work, kids and home to take care, financial and…”
Me: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know. Don’t say anymore about responsibilities.”
Monday: “So get up and move. Your kids are waiting for breakfast.”
Me: “Wait! Wait! Tell me why you are here?”
Monday: “Look, I want to help you.”
Me: “Huh! Help? You can help me by bringing Sunday back here.”
Monday: “Look here Zai. You can look at the day positively or negatively. If you want the day to be happy, think positive, look at things differently, and do it with vigor. If you want to miserable the whole day and week, you can be grumpy and all the negative energy will be surrounding you. It’s your choice and thinks carefully what you want.”
Me: “I want my day and week to be happy and wonderful. I don’t want to be miserable.”
Monday: “Good. Now think what makes you happy and go for it. For the start, make your kids happy.”
Me: “Thank you Monday but can you quickly go so that Saturday and Sunday can come again?”
Monday: “Be happy and you will not know I’m here today. See you around

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