Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank You,

I'm going to share with you some of the gifts that I received from my friends. Yup, whenever someone travel, there will be some 'ole-ole' that they will bring back to office. The most common one, is chocolate.

You see the little flower below. Well that one I received it from Amir when he was in standard 1 for Mother’s Day. Together with this little gift, he gave me RM2.00. I was surprised to receive the gifts because I didn't expect him to remember mother's day. I have been keeping this in the office for the past five years. As for the money, I still have it in my purse. It was so sweet of him to give the RM2.00 especially that money was meant for him to use during his recess. 

I also received gifts from my friends whenever they went for vacations or business trips. Here a fan from China that I received in 2008 from my BFF. She was away on business trips. When it is warm in the office, I will use this to fan myself. Very handy!  Next to the fan is the drawing from Bali. I received this from my staff when she went there on vacation with her family.

Next is series of small gifts that I have received. A bangle made from wood was given to me by my colleague, who is sitting near me in the office when she visited Sarawak. There is also a pen 'I LOVE LONDON' from my boss who was stranded in London during the snowstorms last year in December, a key chain from my friend in Melbourne who came back for vacation and a koala bear from office colleague who went to Perth in 2009.

And below is a shawl from India that I received from my BFF, who was sent to India on work assignment. Like the fan from China, the shawl is also very handy when the office air-condition is too cold.  

I value each and every one of them and also those I kept at home. It not about how expensive is the item or how big it is but the most important thing is the gift is from someone that close to me and I value their friendships. To all my friends, thank you for being my friends!


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