Monday, March 21, 2011

When the kids start to help....

This weekend, my maid didn’t come because she was sick. Since no maid means all the household chores we have to do it ourselves. Do you see 'we' there? No maid means busy weekend and that was how it was. Busy.  I was busy with cleaning, washing and ironing but I’m not complaining as it was a fun weekend for all of us.

It was fun because the kids were involved in the cleaning. No one forced them. They volunteered themselves to help.

My kids like to hang around me. On Saturday, as I was cleaning the stove, they were there with me. At first, Amir came and watched me and then Zara, Syafiq and Zaki. At first they were contented to watch but then slowly one bu one came to help. It was nice but sometimes it slow down my work. Finally after so much disruption, I asked Syafiq to finish the cleaning while I observed.

The same thing happened when I started ironing. This time only Zara was with me. The boys was not around so it just us, the girls. She helped to fetch the school uniforms, the hangers and then helped me to hang the clothes. 

At one point when I was ironing my hubby shirt, she was bugging me to let her try to iron her dad’s shirt. I was very tempted to let her try but then my hubby overheard our conversation. I almost let her near the iron when I looked up, I saw him at the door, looking at me, raising his eyebrow. Huh! It was a no go; otherwise, Zara will be bragging about her ironing feat to her grandpa and I will have to get another shirt for him. I have to take three breaks to finish all the ironing but it was fun as I always like ironing.

So how did you spend your last day of the school holidays with your kids? I bet it was fun.

Okay, gotta go. Early morning for me tomorrow. Salam.


  1. There's a saying: "Many hands make light work." I think your kids proved that for you. :)

  2. Linda, just hope they will continue to be like this when they grow up.