Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Which one?

Ugh! My iPhone looks very old.  Maybe it is from the constant abused and used that it’s received everyday from me and the kids. My phone is basically the family property. The moment I reached home, the kids will be searching my bag for phone and I would not see it until an hour later or the battery run out.

I have been planning to upgrade my phone and when my son heard that he has been urging and bugging me to upgrade it so that he can have my old phone. Huh! Sorry kid, it won't happened that soon.

 Initially I was thinking about iPhone 4 but when I heard that iPhone 5 is coming soon, I decided to wait. Is it a wise decision? Heh! Not sure because when Apple launched its iPad2 last week, it totally derailed my plan. I was half in love with iPad already and when I saw iPad 2, slimmer and lighter, I totally fell in love with it.  Luckily, it is still not available here in Malaysia otherwise I will have order it already for me

There is also another gadget that I have been planning since last year to buy but the desire to own it is not as great as the desire to own iPad2. Yup! I have been eyeing the Kobo ebook reader. I would love to own kindle but unfortunately Amazon decided not to sell kindle here in Malaysia. It took me a year to be convinced and converted to be a fan of ebooks. It has lots of advantages as I can just buy the books at a click of a mouse. Furthermore, it is small, sleek and lights and I can carry it anywhere I like.

With so many new devices coming out, I really need to plan and decides which one I should buy. If I buy iPhone5, I can also load my books in there but then, I have to fight with the kids to read my book. Furthermore the battery will run out faster as I will be using it to talk, server and to read.  If I buy Kobo, I can only use it for reading. None of the kids will touch this and I will have the pleasure of reading the book uninterrupted.

If I buy the iPad2, wow this will be the hottest properties in the house and definitely the kids will want it. There’s no way I can read my books without someone waiting or whining or nagging me for iPad2. Oh this is a tough decision to make. Which one? Maybe all or maybe none. Decision! Decision! Decision! 

Okay, while I'm pondering in next few months what to buy, maybe you can share with me what you have. Okay..bye..salam


  1. ipad2 lah!!!!

  2. I never thought I would enjoy reading ebooks, but after my husband got me a Kindle I found out how mistaken I was. I love it! It's so easy to read on, and I can take as many books as I like anywhere I want to go. I imagine all eReaders are similar.

    Good luck deciding on your next gadget. Just rest assured that whatever you get, it'll be obsolete before you know it, and you'll have to upgrade again. *grin*

  3. @ami: habislah kalau ipad2. Jadi hakmilik dia oranglah jawabnya.

    @Linda: That's always a problem with gadgets lover. Always wanted the latest gadget.

  4. I love my Kindle! So wrong that you can't have one. Man has an iPad and loves it. No iPhones for us.

  5. Jeffe: I was quite frustrated when I first got to know Kindle is not available here. To me it is a loss to the authors when Amazon restricted the sales to certain countries.