Monday, March 7, 2011

Who did it?

Last night, someone broke into my husband’s car which was parked outside the house. They broke the window on the right side of the passenger seat. It was at 12.30 in the morning and the street lights were very bright.

We only knew it when we heard the alarm and we were still up at that time. My hubby quickly went down to see what was it and when he came back upstairs, he told me the car window was broken.

We called the police and due to some miscommunication, they only arrived an hour later. There were four young policemen on motorbike coming to see the damage. After checking, we found out that nothing important was taken from the car except my hubby's documents folder and an empty bag.

The funny thing is that the document and the empty bag were in the boot whereas on back seat, there are other more important documents. It was not taken or touches at all. They advised us to make a police report to the Police Stations in Kajang.

I was worried to leave behind my four kids. Worried that they might come back and harm my babies but after a quick discussion with my hubby, we decided to go to Kajang.

Before we left, I went to Syafiq’s room to let him know we were going to Kajang to make police report but he was too sleepy. 

It took us almost one hour before the police let us go. They took the picture of the car and also they found finger prints on the window. I hope they can catch the culprits based on the finger prints.

By the time we reached home, it was at four o’clock in the morning but it took me another hour before I can sleep. By the time the morning alarm went off, I was too sleepy and tired and instead of putting it to snooze, I off it. By the time I opened up my eye it was 7.30am and the kids have left for school.

Sorry kids, there was no breakfast today because ibu was too sleepy.

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