Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kids today!

The kids are so happy as they will be off from school for a week. Yup! It is a school holiday where the resorts will be full of people and KL will be less crowded except shopping mall. I always avoid going to mall during school holiday because getting parking will be a nightmare.

I also have not gone for holiday. The last time we went for holiday was to Kota Kinabalu in 2009. So my kids were kind of looking forward that we go somewhere this time. But kids, sorry not this year cause Ibu is reserving my leave for my planned trip end of the year.

My little girl was very cute when she saw me today and she asked me,” Ibu, when are we going to hotel?” she asked.

“Oh! Why are we going to hotel?”
“It’s school holiday,” she said.
“Okay. We can either go to Hotel Saujana Impian or Villa Seroja. Which one do you want?” I asked her.
“That is our house. I want to go to hotel where it has swimming pool,” she said.

Aaahh….kids today always associate school holidays with traveling and hotel stay. It was so different during my time. When I was young, school holiday means roaming around the kampong where we will play all day long and come back only for lunch and before maghrib.

Life was so free back then. Nothing to worry where our parents know that their children are safe. No crazy man, no speeding car and everything was at a slower paced. They know that they can rely on their neighbour to watch their kids.

But today, our kids can't go outside the house without any adults supervising them. Safety is an issue. Because of this, the kids spend most of their time in the house watching tv and playing with their computer.

I'm just afraid that our kids will grow up with less social skill and communication skill as they communicate to their friends through computer or SMS. There is not much interaction with people except when they are at school.

Will this impact their social skill and communication skill? Possible. What about you? Do you agree with me? Please share with me your thoughts.


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